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Accessories for sarees
September 12th, 2016 by Srinivas Krishnaswamy

Accessories for sarees

Accessories for sarees can improve your style quotient

Accessories for sarees have a strange effect on people.

Choosing the right set of accessories for sarees can shape the perception about the wearer! The way you drape your saree and the accessories you choose can make you either a paragon of virtue or a whore!

Studio Kohl’s “Unfolding the Saree” beautifully illustrates this concept through graphic design and printed material. You can read all about the Madonna / Whore phenomenon here.

The success of wearing a saree boils down to attention to detail, a bit of know-how and adherence to etiquette. The wearer will come across as intelligent!

Not only must a woman learn how to wear a saree properly, but she must know how to accessorize the garment appropriately.

For the uninitiated, the saree is an unstitched garment usually of cotton or silk elaborately draped around the body, traditionally worn by women in South Asia. It is typically wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder, baring the midriff.

Choosing the right accessories can improve the wearer’s style quotient!

Here are some compelling reasons why you should start paying attention to the accessories you wear along with your saree:

1. Choosing accessories based on the occasion

accessories for sarees


There are lots of Indian saree accessories to choose from. When you put in the effort to wear the right kind of saree and accessories for the right occasion, you will manage to pull off one of the following – you will be the center of attention or you will blend with the crowd.

But if you disregard the context or the occasion, you will draw unnecessary attention when you are better off blending in and vice versa!

2. A smart woman pays attention to detail!

Accessories for sarees

Via Desiroyale Stylist Picks

The devil is in the detail and people always appreciate anyone who pays attention to details. When you choose accessories for a saree, focus on the small things like the bindi, the color of the nail polish, or the choice of bangles. After all, small things add up and accessories have a disproportionate effect on the style quotient when you wear a saree.

Check out additional style recommendations from Desiroyale’s here.

3. Getting all the right colors together pays

Accessories for sarees

Pick a color, skip one and pick the next one. The two colors you picked are analog colors.

Choosing the right colors can make or break your style. An expensive set of bangles may ruin your style quotient if it is not of the right color that works with your saree and other accessories. It is important we steal some ideas from nature!

According to the attire club, “analog colors are those colors which lie on either side of any given color (in a color wheel). Often these are color schemes found in nature. An outfit that makes use of analogous colors usually feels harmonious.

Indian women often walk straight into fashion disasters!

If you are sloppy with your accessories, you can easily ruin the elegance of your designer saree. Here are some examples of how not to choose accessories for sarees.

1. Wrong footwear

Accessories for sarees


Wearing wedges, casual platform heels, ballerina flats or flip-flops is a big no-no, since they ruin the overall look of the saree. Stilletos and peep-toes help enhance the attire and make you look slimmer and taller.

Check out our essential list of 21 bridal blouse designs before you buy your accessories! Click here to get the scoop.

3. Wearing heavy jewelry

Accessories for sarees


A saree is never complete without some jewelry. But it is important to make sure it is not overdone. Too much of mismatched, loud or colorful jewelry can ruin the look of the saree and make you look gaudy. The trick is to keep it simple and minimal so that the beauty of the saree is enhanced with one statement piece of jewelry. It also helps you to look younger!

A word of advice! Heavy necklaces don’t suit women with fat on their neck and collar bone.

3. Carrying the wrong bag

Accessories for sarees

Via and

It is important to make sure that your handbag is given due consideration so that overall style quotient is not ruined. Clutches and potli bags go best with sarees as compared to huge bags if you are attending a party.

4. Misfit blouse

Accessories for sarees


The beauty of a saree is attributed to the blouse it is paired up with! A loose blouse makes you look old fashioned and sloppy while a tight blouse reveals the back’s fat and makes you look undefined and unstructured!

Blouses should be made with delicacy and skill to truly enhance your beauty. Make sure you get your blouse stitched to perfection – not too loose or not too tight.

Just remember to wear the right bra while taking measurements for a blouse, so that it does not pop out over the shoulders or at the back!

5. Choosing the wrong petticoat

Accessories for sarees


Just as a badly done blouse can ruin a saree, so can the colored petticoat! A brightly colored petticoat being too visible ruins the saree’s beauty. Also, see to it that the fabric and fitting of the petticoat are perfect so that it does not play spoilsport!

Too long or too short petticoats should be avoided, and so are flared petticoats, since they make you look shapeless. Loose petticoats can create folds that can ruin the look of your saree and if it is loose over the waist, it gets heaped up which makes the waist look fat!

If your petticoat is too narrow, it makes you very uncomfortable and you may end up walking like a duck! Take care to wear a petticoat of floor length, if you opt to wear high heels and a sheer saree.

Tips and tricks for choosing accessories for sarees!

We have lined up 8 simple tips and tricks to answer the million dollar questions – how to choose accessories for sarees?

Accessories for sarees

Occasion, color, patterns, body type, complexion

The key in choosing accessories for sarees is not only to coordinate with the colors, but also with the pattern, your body type, complexion, and occasion.

For example, when you are wearing sarees with lots of patterns, simple accessories are the best. Too many accessories and too much jewelry can make the prints look tacky!


Matching accessories to body types

When you wear sarees, you need to consider your body type before choosing the right accessories. That’s because sarees accentuate your curves a lot more than other attires.

Tall, thin women look best with short, slouchy bags like hobos and clutches.

Petite women should avoid oversize bags since they overwhelm their small frames.

Short women should steer clear of handbags with long straps. Plus-size and hourglass-shaped women look best with medium-sized bags.

Plus-size and hourglass-shaped women look best with medium-sized boxy or structured handbags to balance out their curves.


Shape of your face

Women with round faces should not choose heavy jewelry. Small earrings would give the illusion of an oval look (which is always desirable) whereas long earrings would make your face more round. And when you wear heavy jewelry, a saree with limited or simple patterns always work.

When you wear heavy jewelry, a saree with limited or simple patterns always work.

If you are wearing a saree with a colorful border, it is advisable to wear a long chain so that the pendant steers clear of the border design on the saree.

Interested in simple hacks to glamorize your saree attire? Check out this informative video.


Bindis that work for you

For long faces, a round bindi will look good. If you have a square or round face, go for a long bindi. The choice of bindi also depends on the look you are aiming for.

A fancy shimmery or stone-studded bindi gives you a mature look and is perfect for silk sarees while a plain, small bindi gives you a cute, girlish look and is best for daily wear sarees.

Luckily for women, the color of the bindi need not always match the saree!


Complexion, sarees, and accessories

All accessories should complement the saree which in turn complements the skin color.

For fair complexioned women, white, off-white, peach, or yellow colored sarees are the best options.

For dark or dusky women, sarees in a dark color like dark pink, dark purple, maroon or green suits them best.


What jewelry to wear with saree?

Jewelry should be worn according to the occasion and look of the saree.

Plain cotton sarees look best with simple studs, or a light dangling earring, a thin gold chain and a couple of gold bangles to complete the look.

A saree with silver zari looks best with silver or diamond jewelry while a saree with gold work teams up well with gold jewelry.

Kundan jewelry matches up well with chiffon sarees and temple jewelry suits silk sarees. South Indian coin jewelry works well with designer sarees. Gold plated jewelry will match all your traditional sarees.

Jewelry with a combination of traditional and western designs is best suited for a faux georgette saree.

Check out this short video that has a treasure trove of tips to fill your wardrobe with the right clothes and accessories.


Saree accessories for parties or wedding

For parties or weddings, the best accessories would be an embroidered bag embellished with sequins, threadwork or beads, chandelier earrings, choker necklace, a large cocktail ring, bangles, hip chain (kamarbandh) and anklets.

The kamarbandh works best if you are attending a wedding. It is recommended that you drape your saree on your lower hip when wearing a kamarbandh. However, the kamarbandh doesn’t look good if you have a broad waist.


Saree accessories for work-day

For work-day occasions, simple accessories like delicate jewelry (subtle earrings, thin bracelet, long sleek chains with small pendants), classic watch, large satchel or shoulder bag and open-toe heels or chappals work best. This will accentuate your looks and make you look younger!

Read our comprehensive guide on the 5 types of Indian Wedding Sarees, how they are made, where to buy them, and how to keep them in pristine condition. Click here to read our article.

3-step guide to choosing your accessories for sarees

If all of this advice is too much for you to consider, we have come up with a simple, 3-step process to find a perfect set of accessories for sarees.

Step 1: Choose the right saree for the occasion. If you are planning on attending a wedding, a silk saree might be the best bet. For example, accessories for silk sarees may not work very well with other types of sarees or outfits.

Accessories for sarees

Step 2: Select the right sarees based on your complexion. Your choice of sarees should ideally serve as a contrast to your complexion and not become a camouflage! If you have a wheatish complexion, pick colors from the opposite ends of the color spectrum, i.e., light colors or dark colors. Avoid picking mustard or olive colored sarees!

Accessories for sarees

Step 3: Now that you have the right saree, it’s time to pick the right set of accessories. Choosing the accessories based on your body type will certainly make you a smart woman with an understated sophistication that will turn heads.accessories for sarees

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Grooming tips for women
July 11th, 2016 by Srinivas Krishnaswamy
Grooming tips for women

Ready to rock the arranged marriage meeting?

Common grooming mistakes women make

Who said only Indian men are clueless when it comes to grooming? Grooming tips for women are just as valuable to the fairer sex in India!

Forget the fashion-forward, style conscious, and upper-class women who know the moisturising routine and carry a loyalty card with the local manicure / pedicure spa or beauty parlour in a chic corner of a tony neighbourhood.

We are talking about grooming tips for women from a middle-class background who duke it out every day in the local trains, buses and two-wheelers to go to work and have hardly any time for themselves for most of the week.

That’s not all, some women go out of the way to make themselves unattractive just to make sure they are not harassed by men in the street! Here is what Vinati Sigh had to say about it on Quora.

Grooming tips for women

Women sometimes go out of the way to make themselves unattractive!

All said and done, a big chunk of the population of women in India for reasons such as lack of time, money or awareness fall short in matters of grooming.

If you are a woman who is of a “marriageable” age and know you are destined to go through an arranged marriage first meeting or “date”, committing these grooming mistakes can ruin your chances of finding a match.

Common grooming mistakes made by women in India

  • Not taking care of facial hair, especially those on the upper lip.

  • Embracing the ‘Kajol unibrow style’ that works only on Kajol.

  • Poor hair care and oily hair.

  • Sporting sweaty armpits.

  • Bad breath aka dragon’s breath.

  • Not taking care of body odor.

  • Wearing ill-fitting clothes that probably belong to someone else.

  • Wearing mismatched accessories.

Men are visual creatures and end up deciding if someone is attractive just based on looks. So if you don’t take the effort to present yourself properly, you are shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to arranged marriage first meetings.

8 Essential grooming tips for women for arranged marriage first meetings

We lined up 8 essential grooming tips for women to help you highlight your personality better and improve your chances of meeting your soulmate. These tips are designed to be applicable without requiring a trip to an expensive salon or requiring any experience in applying makeup products. The idea of lining up these tips is to help you enhance your natural beauty and make sure your sloppiness doesn’t come in the way of finding Prince Charming.

1. Removing facial hair

There are many effective home remedies for removing facial hair easily without using any harmful chemicals or fancy instruments. Some of these home remedies include preparations that require items such as coconut oil, lemon juice, wheat flour, water, and honey to name a few.

Check out this video that gives you a demo of how to remove “peach fuzz” (which is the thin, light colored hair that grows on the sides of the face and on the forehead).

2. Removing hair on the upper lip

Indian women have been using natural ingredients such as turmeric to not only remove unwanted facial hair but also to exfoliate the skin and protect the skin from infection and the harsh sun. In this video, you can do away with the hair on the upper lip using talcum powder, rose water and a thread!

3. Haircare for Indian women

The Indian tropical sun along with high pollution levels in our towns and cities cause major problems for women when it comes to maintaining the hair. The result is bad, frizzy hair that seems to have a mind of its own! So here are some of the ingredients you will need – coconut oil, natural shampoo, comb, scissors, bananas, milk, and curd / yogurt to get your hair back in shape.

4. Dealing with underarm sweating

Among all the grooming tips for women, the remedy for underarm sweating probably has the most relevance for men and women in India.

Excessive sweating in the underarm area can be embarrassing. When you have to meet a prospective groom, you want them to look at your face and not at the wet rings adding its own design pattern to your shirt, salwar or blouse!

Here are some easy ways to solve this problem. Look for a natural antiperspirant, avoid eating spicy food, make sure you are not emotionally excited before you meet anyone important, and wear loosely woven clothes such as those made of linen, cotton or silk. Check out this informative video for more details.

5. Tackling bad breath

The biggest buzz kill in an arranged marriage first meeting could be your bad breath! While it’s OK to brush your teeth or use mouthwash before meeting a prospective groom, you might have to tackle the issue on a more consistent basis if you suffer from chronic bad breath. Natural remedies include the use of clove, cinnamon, mint and cardamom. Of course, don’t forget to brush twice a day, and keep your tongue and gums clean.

6. Taking care of body odor

When you meet someone with a body odor, you most probably end up disliking them! While this may sound cruel, just notice what your brains tells you when you meet someone with a bad odor. Fear not, you don’t actually need fancy shampoos and deodorants. Here is a simple remedy -Just make a paste of sandalwood and orange peels and use it instead of soap.

7. How to put together a smart wardrobe

Let’s face it. Clothes make the man and indeed a woman! You are as good as the clothes you wear and books are indeed judged by their cover! According to a research study, people indeed feel and act differently depending on the types of clothes they wear! Here is an interesting video that will give you practical tips to help you build a wardrobe for traditional Indian clothes that you may choose to wear on occasions such as arranged marriage first meetings.

8. Choosing the right footwear

If you are someone that wears the same footwear for every occasion, you should check out the video below. Shoes and outfits go together. Picking the right outfit for the occasion and a matching pair of footwear really creates a great impression. So stop skimping on footwear.

We hope our grooming tips for women will help you present yourself properly when you meet a prospective match or his family. Remember, you don’t need fancy lotions and potions from high-end boutiques to look good. Simple home remedies and spending time in properly grooming yourself can certainly get your mojo back and that’s always good for you.

Featured Image Credit: Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock

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Personal Grooming Tips
June 20th, 2016 by Srinivas Krishnaswamy
Personal Grooming Tips

Most Indian men leave their personal grooming to their barber.

Why do Indian men need personal grooming tips?

Indian men desperately need personal grooming tips! Just look around and you will see why we are crying hoarse about the need for Indian men to start taking personal grooming seriously and not leave everything to their favorite barber.

Indian men are sloppy when it comes to personal grooming. Here is why we are crying murder!

Men have hair growing out of their ears!

Personal Grooming Tips

Anthony Victor holds the word record for the longest ear hair (Via Guinness World Records).

Bad hair styles

Personal Grooming Tips

No deodorant in sweltering summer?

Personal Grooming Tips

Sweltering heat and no deodorant is a bad combination.

Sloppily tucking in shirts

Personal Grooming Tips

Muffin top tuck with an ill-fitting shirt (Via

Runaway facial hair

Actor Naga in Pisasu, a Tamil movie (Via

Actor Naga in Pisasu, a Tamil movie (Via

We thought the best way to get you up to speed on grooming tips is to line up videos with how to instructions. That’s why every piece of advice we chose to include in this blog post comes with its own video tutorial! Just remember this before you dismiss our grooming tips:

Clothes and manners do not make the man. But when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance. Arthur Ashe, Tennis Legend.

Gentleman, we rest our case now. If you are someone who needs help with personal grooming or you know someone who needs help, read the 11 personal grooming tips that will not only make heads turn but also make you feel like a million Dollars!

1. Yes, you should have a skin routine!

Indian men have only one routine when it comes to skin. Grab the nearest soap in the bathroom and apply it all over the body, rinse and walk away! The skin happens to be the largest organ in the human body and yet, men seem to ignore it. So we decided to give you a demo of how to take care of your skin. Here it goes.

2. Hairstyles that work!

Don’t just walk into a barber shop and utter words like “medium” or “short”. There is more to your hairstyle than what your barber thinks it should be. Check out this video on some of the things you should do to find a hairstyle that suits you and works for you.

3. So does your wardrobe pass the muster?

Did you ever think of your wardrobe? Do you just wear what your parents buy or let your wife or girlfriend pick and choose your clothes? It’s time to change now. Learn 5 simple and effective fashion tips to get back your swagger.

4. Start investing in belts!

Indian men have one trick up their sleeves when it comes to the belt. Just buy one of these belts that allow you to flip the buckle to switch between the brown side and the black side! Hell, we even get the belt punched with a knife or a compass! That’s not all, just look around and you will see men wearing belts that wrapping their waist like an anaconda. Learn the basics of wearing a proper belt in this video.

5. Picking the right shoes

Do you know the difference between a loafer, sneaker, and a sports shoe? Most often than not, a majority of Indian men have a pair of shoes or two and they just wear it for any and every occasion. Here is a video that lists all the different types of shoes every man should own.

6. The fight against underarm perspiration

the products mentioned in this video many not be available in India. However, the simple routine that should help you avoid sweaty armpit rings on a hot Indian summer day is our tried and tested “banian”. Just don’t wear a shirt or even t-shirt without them! That’s not all, start shopping for antiperspirant deodorants as well.

7. Taking care of your nails

If you have studied in a convent school, you would have probably learnt the importance of maintaining your nails properly. Alas, most Indian men are oblivious to this basic grooming requirement. Even people handling food in restaurants seem to have dirty nails! Here are five simple personal grooming tips to keep your nails in top condition.

8. Facial hair – to have or not to have?

Do you sport a Kajol style unibrow? Do you fancy a stubble? This video provides an in-depth take on what is OK and what is not OK. That’s not all. Have you ever considered the hair that seems to peep out of your nostrils? Just imagine you are tall and the woman you meet is shorter than you. You might as well tell her to talk to your nostril hair! BTW, unibrow is no longer sexy. Buy a tweezer and get rid of them!

9. The 100 Watt killer smile

If you are longing for a killer smile, you will probably need white teeth. Indians eat a lot of spicy, oily food that can easily stain your teeth and over a period of time, you will have to start wearing yellow shirts to match your teeth. So get yourself a proper toothbrush, use a mouthwash, clean your tongue daily, eat raw fruits and nuts and use a whitening toothpaste to get the job done. Don’t ruin your handsome smile and follow simple tips provided in this video to get back your white teeth.

10. Tuck in your shirt properly

If there is one issue that’s plaguing Indian men, it is that most of them seem to be wearing the wrong shirt size and their shirts are never properly tucked in. Let’s put an end to this madness by checking out this step by step demonstration of how to tuck in your shirt properly.

11. The science of maintaining your chest hair

Indian men with chest hair seem to have yet another problem. They have a habit of leaving it to grow in all directions creating a lot of distraction for anyone interacting with them! In this video, learn about the personal grooming tips to keep your chest hair in control and turn it from ugly to sexy!

We hope these personal grooming tips will make a man out of you. Interestingly, the male grooming market in India is growing fast and is worth about INR 5000 crores this year. Men in large cities have now started to use specialised grooming products.

Neilsen concludes that Indian men don’t typically use grooming products only to increase their appeal to the opposite sex. Rather, most men said they felt the need to improve themselves—evolve their personal hygiene. Good grooming, they believe, is conducive to boosting self-confidence.

Should we say more?

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Do women like bald men
February 2nd, 2016 by Srinivas Krishnaswamy

Do women like bald men?

Do women like bald men? Specifically, do women like bald men in India? Unfortunately, for anxious, balding, Indian men, this is a topic that has very limited or no answers. More specifically, the nation wants to know – do women like bald men in arranged marriages?

This is the question that all unmarried men planning to go through an arranged marriage have in their minds and causes extreme anxiety if men realize that their hair no longer finds their head an attractive place to settle down and put down roots literally!

Indian men have a strange obsession with hairstyles

The relationship between Indian men, their hair, and their comb is sacred. As soon as Indian boys start noticing girls around them, they start taking their hair seriously. They may not wear proper clothes or use deodorant, but every boy and man in India carry a comb that slides into the back pocket of the trouser.Do women like bald men

At every available opportunity, men will comb their hair. Here are few instances.

  1. When they see their reflection on a storefront glass window.
  2. At the washroom of a restaurant.
  3. Whenever they see their reflection on their cellphone screen.

As you can see, Indian men are obsessed with their comb and their hair. They get really upset when they lose one of their obsessions. You can always replace a comb, but curing baldness is expensive and takes a toll on every bald Indian man’s emotions!

As we always do, we set about compiling responses from Indian woman on the question of how attractive they think bald men are in an arranged marriage setting.

Would you marry a guy who is going bald in an arranged marriage?

This is a popular question on Quora and has 25 responses already from Indian men and women. We decided to look at the hard numbers first in terms of responses from women.

Do women like bald men?

This question was raised by a woman in India going through arranged marriage. You will notice a couple of things:

  1. This woman gets turned off by bald men.
  2. She is worried about bad sex life as a consequence of using medications to cure his baldness.

Here is a conclusive answer to anyone who thinks that bald men are not virile or have low testosterone! Consultant trichologist Carole Michaelides from the Philip Kingsley Clinic explains: “Testosterone levels are exactly the same in bald men as in those who aren’t losing their hair.” Source – The Art of Balding.

If you are a bald man and reading this question, you think the world has suddenly become cruel and you have no chance of marrying a woman through arranged marriage. But wait, we have more bad news for you.

We counted the responses for women for this question and here is how they tally:

Question: Is balding unattractive in arranged marriages

Women that advised the person to go ahead with the marriage: 2

Passive-aggressive responses in support of the marrying a man who is going bald: 1

Women that advised the person NOT to marry a man who is going bald: 6

66% of the women that responded to the question recommended that she should decline the balding guy!

Granted the sample size is way too small, but this is as objective as we could afford to get! Should we conclude that the answer to the question “do women like bald men?” is a resounding NO!

Wait, there is more to this question. Read on.

Do women like bald men? Experts answer!

We decided to look at results of proper scientific studies on the topic of women’s preference for men and how men’s attractiveness to women change because of baldness. The findings from these studies have some interesting clues to answer the question “Do women like bald men?”

Here are the findings.

1. Women don’t always agree on attractivenessDo women like bald men

Dustin Wood, Department of Psychology, Wake Forest University spearheaded a research on the differences between men and women when it comes to mate selection. The researchers showed 98 photographs to 4000 men and women and asked to record if they found the photos attractive or unattractive in a 10-point scale.

If you are a bald man planning to go through arranged marriage, you should be encouraged by the results of this study.

The study found that while there was a high consensus among men about which women were considered attractive, the opposite was not true. There was greater disagreement among women on which male was attractive!

Also, women in the study attached lower importance to physical features when compared to men but confidence was rated highly.

Moral of the story – When you start looking at a larger sample size, your bald head may actually be considered sexy by some women you may stumble upon through the arranged marriage process. As long as you are confident, your baldness shouldn’t mean the end of the world for men as far as arranged marriage is concerned!

2. How you groom your head when going bald matters

Albert E Manns, a former lecturer and postdoctoral researcher at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, conducted an interesting study on how bald men are perceived. Manns conducted three different surveys to understand how shaved head in men changes perception.

In the first study, he had 58 women were asked to rate 25 men on various parameters that included dominance, physical strength, age, and attractiveness. 10 of the 25 men shown had a shaved head. The result was that women rated men with shaved heads to be more dominant!

The other two studies also pointed out to one conclusion – women considered men with shaved heads to be more powerful or dominant. However, if you have a naturally thinning hair, your are considered unattractive.

Moral of the story: If you are naturally balding, it might be a good idea to shave your head. If you have the courage to celebrate your baldness it can take away your insecurities about other people noticing your bald patch and make you feel more confident. Greater confidence will help you attract women!

3. If you are going bald, don’t grow a beard!

Do women like bald menMichael Wogalter from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Judith Hosie, University of Aberdeen conducted a study way back in 1992 about going bald, growing a beard and its impact on attractiveness. Titled – The Effects of Cranial and Facial Hair on Perceptions of Age and Person.The results of this study will bring a smile to your face if you are going bald!

Male faces with less cranial hair (hair on the head) were perceived to be more intelligent and older. The researchers concluded that if you have less hair on your head, it is a sign of advancing age, and thus also a sign of greater life experiences and intelligence! Not having a head full of hair also did not alter how attractive or sociable  you were perceived to be!

The study also found that growing a beard did not get favorable responses.

Moral of the story: If you are going bald, a clean shaven look i.e no beard will make sure you don’t hurt your chances with women! This is true even if you are not going bald 🙂

7 Tips for bald men going through arranged marriage

The question  – do women like bald men?, is actually not relevant. What is relevant is how you can deal with your baldness. Follow these tips if you are going bald and planning to start bride hunting through arranged marriage.

Tip 1 – Embrace your baldness: Don’t try to hide it. Comb-overs and weird hairstyles can go haywire under a gust of wind or powerful ceiling fan! Your pathetic attempts to hide an open secret will only turn women off.

Tip 2 – Clean shaven look is better: A clean shaven look (facial hair) should work better than a bald head and a thick beard. This is is the same conclusion researchers also came to. Go ahead trim your hair close or shave it. You will feel liberated!

Tip 3 – You probably hate your baldness more: Bald men or balding men probably hate their looks more than how other perceive their baldness. This can bring down your confidence and thus hurt your chances in finding a match. Be confident. You are worth more than the hair you lost. Don’t take rejections seriously. With every rejection, you are getting closer to finding the girl of your dreams.

Tip 4 – Dress well: Forget your hair (pun intended), just dress well. Wear good clothes, accessories, and take care of your nails! This is true for everyone and a must for bald men looking to get married.

Tip 5 – Be upfront in your marriage biodata: If you are already bald, don’t go out of the way to hide it at any point during the arranged marriage process. It is definitely not required to call out baldness in your marriage biodata. Let the photographs speak for themselves. Don’t send photographs wearing hats as this will only focus people’s attention on your head even if you are not bald.

Tip 6 – Draw inspiration from famous bald guys: Famous personalities, politicians, and celebrities are bald. Remember Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan, Andre Agassi, Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Virendra Sehwag, Mahatma Gandhi, Anupam Kher and the list is endless! Clearly, your personality cannot become a slave to your baldness.

Tip 7 – It’s OK to seek treatment for baldness: Men should treat baldness like a minor vision defect. If you are shortsighted, you wear spectacles to correct it. For baldness, there are medical cures as well as transplant options. There is no shame in seeking a treatment. If you have already gone through a treatment for baldness or going through one, don’t hide this information and disclose this when your interaction with a prospective match gets serious.

Bonus Tip – Check out this video from a grooming expert on how to handle hair loss.

Our recommendation for men with thinning hair or a bald head is to first accept your situation and do your best to look good and project confidence instead of scratching your head wondering if women like bald men!

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