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Animation from a Bollywood movie that depicts a girl running to catch a train with the help of her lover
November 17th, 2015 by Srinivas Krishnaswamy

People find love in the unlikeliest of places. Some people find love in their office, some find love in college and some other find love through family and friends. Of late, lots of people seem to find love through social media and dating sites. Some people find love 30 years after marriage. I guess you get the idea. Love can strike you anywhere and any time of its choosing.

Train journeys in India are romantic (as long as you are not traveling in the unreserved coach). Even if cupid doesn’t strike you, you are bound to be mesmerized by the constantly changing scenery outside. Trains are also integral to many popular Bollywood movies and by default becomes the setting for the hero and heroine to meet each other or fall in love. We have lined-up a list of memorable movies where romance blossoms in the train. Read on and who knows, you may get a few tips on how to find love the next time you take a train journey!

How to find love in trains – 1960s Bollywood style

We are rewinding to 1960s. You were probably not even born then. But remember, your parents and your grandparents were young, wild and reckless once. Let’s begin our journey of discovery and weird stories of how people find love on trains.

Kala Bazaar (1960) – Eve teasing, the first step to finding love?

How to find love in a train - Movie Poster

Raghu (Dev Anand) sells movie tickets in the black market. He is smitten with Alka (Waheeda Rehman) who also happens to have a boyfriend, Nand (Vijay Anand, Dev Anand’s brother in real life). When Nand gets a scholarship and travels overseas, Alka’s parents decide to take her to Ooty to take her mind off Nand. Raghu sees this as a perfect opportunity and gets on the same cabin as her family. He sings “Apni To Har Aah Ek Toofan Hai”, trying to flirt with Alka while the song itself was veiled as a prayer. He also helps to cure Alka’s father’s back pain with a massage, and soon, he becomes friends with the family. So if you want to chase a girl, learn the art of massage!

Half Ticket (1962) – Finding love dressed as a child (Creepy)

How to find love in a train - Movie Poster

Here is the plot. Our man, Vijay (Kishore Kumar), masquerades as a child in order to get a discounted railway ticket. He gets on a train, but the villain in this movie (Pran) decides to use Munnah as an unwitting courier to smuggle a diamond!On the train, Vijay also meets Rajnidevi (Madhubala) and falls in love with her. The next time you board a train, remember that there are ways to pay less for your ticket and also fall in love!

Mere Huzoor – Misdirected love

How to find love in a train - Movie Poster

In this movie, set in Lucknow’s nawab society, we have Raaj Kumar and Jitendra competing for the affection of Mala Sinha. One of the songs (which became very popular) was set on a train. Jitendra starts singing in the train begging the heroine to lift her veil while all along pretending to address his song to another fellow passenger. Certainly a great approach to finding love as long as your decoy plays ball when you break into a song.

How to find love – 1970s Bollywood style

In our earlier post, we took a journey back to 1960s (in a train of course), to see how cupid strikes the hero and heroine (mostly the hero) on a train. We continue this journey on our time traveling train. This time, it’s the 1970s. Finding love has never been so easy, just get inspired by our matinee idols.

Aradhana (1969) – Chasing trains and violating traffic rules

How to find love in a train - Movie Poster

If there is one movie that continues to be a permanent billboard for the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, it is the movie Aradhana. Sharmila Tagore is a passenger in the train and Rajesh Kanna decides that the best way to express his love for Sharmila Tagore is by singing a song while driving a Wiley Jeep side by side with the train. He weaves through narrow roads and crossed the tracks multiple times to make sure Sharmila has a good view of his antics.

Pakeezah (1972) – Your feet are not meant for walking!

How to find love in a train - Movie Poster

Meena Kumari is a courtesan traveling by train. Raaj Kumar is another passenger who apparently cannot read the reservation chart or his ticket status is still RAC! Raaj Kumar gets into the heroine’s compartment and gets a glimpse of her beautiful feet. He realizes his mistake but gets out only after leaving her a note begging her not to keep her feet on the ground, for they would be sullied!

Rafoo Chakkar (1975) – Cheesy gay love anyone?

How to find love in a train - Movie Poster

This is a hilarious Bollywood version of a Hollywood movie, “Some Like It Hot”. Rishi Kapoor and Paintal disguise as women and board a train to Kashmir to escape the clutches of a villain who was seen by our dynamic duo committing a murder. It’s a laugh riot all through the rest of the journey. Rishi falls in love with Neetu, who is a part of a girl band traveling to Kashmir and we also have another man falling in love with Paintal!

How to find love – 1980s & 1990s Bollywood style

The train of love continues into the 1990s. This time, we are entering the 80s and beyond.

The Burning Train (1979) – Leaves nothing to imagination

How to find love in a train - Movie Poster

The plot is as obvious as it can get. One of the heroes in the movie (yes, it has a big list of leading men and women) builds a train, the villain hates it and decides to bomb it. On top of that, bumbling cooks in the train burn whatever is left of the train after it is bombed. Not a great advertisement for Indian Railway’s safety record. But there is a lot of emotion, love and heartbreak. After all, the heroine(s) need to do something!

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995) – How to board a running train and other tricks

How to find love in a train - Movie Poster

The movie starts with a train in London and ends with the Indian Railways in the climax. What a letdown! Anyways, trains play a key role in helping the hero meet the heroine at the start of the movie and also help bring the two together after a melodramatic climax. This is a movie that firmly established the train as the perfect place to find love and other movies copied this idea.

Dil Se (1998) – Dancing on a train is always fun

How to find love in a train - Movie Poster

What do you do when you fall in love? If you are Shah Rukh Khan, you enlist Malaika Arora and start dancing on top of a moving train! Shah Rukh meets Manisha Koirala in a train station and tries his best to strike a conversation. This movie is different from other movies in that the heroine actually doesn’t curse or abuse the hero in the first scene and instead asks for a cup of tea! But by the time Shah Rukh returns with a cup of tea, Manisha boards the train and disappears. So what does Shah Rukh do? He dances on top of the train of course. Moral of the story, always go to the train station with a flask full of hot tea.

Are you good at boarding running trains or dancing on top of them?

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Diwali Celebration in Fairbanks, Alaska
November 10th, 2015 by Srinivas Krishnaswamy

It’s Diwali celebrations time and you are probably comatose from all the gluttony or you are jumping around like a rabbit from the sugar rush! Don’t worry, you are not alone. It appears Indians worldwide share your enthusiasm for celebrating Diwali come hell or high water. Jodi Logik Minions went around collecting photographs of Diwali celebrations from unexpected corners of the world.

Indian army’s Diwali celebrations in Alaska

Soldiers from U.S. Army Alaska were given that experience when they were invited to celebrate the Diwali festival with soldiers of the Indian army at the Wilderness Inn dining facility on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska. This was way back in 2010.

Diwali celebration by Indian Army in Alaska

Diwali celebrations organized by Indian students in Fairbanks

Let’s stay in Alaska (this blog post is getting cold already). The Namaste India Club at the University of Fairbanks organises Diwali celebrations in Fairbanks, Alaska every
year. Here is a shot of students momentarily forgetting the fact that they are in Alaska.

Diwali Celebration in Fairbanks, Alaska

Image Courtesy: Elika Roohi, News Miner

Diwali celebrations with Indian Jawans in the Siachen

Prime Minister Modi celebrated last year’s Diwali at Siachen along with the Indian Army soldiers deployed there. Certainly a great gesture worth repeating.

Indian Army Jawans and Modi at Diwali Celebrations in the SIachen area

Diwali in Antartica!

In the book “Breaking the Ice in Antartica”, Major General Satya S. Sharma documents his experience of spending the Diwali in Alaska during the first ever Indian wintering in Antartica in 1984. Here is an extract from the book. “On October 24th, we celebrated Diwali; the festival of lights and sweets. With whatever powdered milk and other items we had, we had prepared nice festival food and shared it all at the table. Everybody was delighted to celebrate the great festival in Antartica.

Diwali celebration in Antartica

Image Courtesy – New Age International (P) Ltd.

Diwali Celebration in the West Indies

Enough of Diwali in cold places. Let’s go to some place with nice beaches and sunshine maaan.

Remember Ramneresh Sarwan, the cricket player from West Indies? Well, this is his home in Guyana on the eve of Diwali.Spectacular shot indeed 🙂

Diwali celebrations in Guyana

India – Bangladesh Border

While we are celebrating Diwali in the secure confines of our homes and with our family and friends, let’s not forget the BSF Jawans guarding our borders. This is a photograph of a BSF Jawan celebrating Diwali in his bunker in the Bangladesh border.

Image Courtesy: AFP /Getty Images

Image Courtesy: AFP /Getty Images

Abandoned widows celebrating Diwali in Varanasi

This is sad and redeeming. Abandoned widows in Varanasi have been shunned by the society and were forbidden to celebrate anything. A local organization decided to change that and here is a photo of the women celebrating Diwali after a long time. You can see how happy they are!

Widows take part in Diwali celebrations in Varanasi

Photograph: Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images

Diwali celebrations in London

This one looks like a confrontation between the famous London Bobby and a goofy Indian Grandpa. Frankly, your interpretation is as good as ours 🙂 Did we say sunshine?

Diwali celebrations in London


Diwali celebrations in Pakistan

Yes, Pakistan also has Hindus. Unfortunately, this citadel of Islam is hell-bent on driving away religious minorities out of their country. Here is a photo of a bunch of Pakistani Hindu’s celebrating Diwali.

Diwali celebrations in Pakistan

Image courtesy: REUTERS

No matter where you are, the spirit of Diwali is infectious. Happy Deepavali or Diwali to you from all of us here at Jodi Logik!

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Image showing a man writing to depict how men find love.
October 28th, 2015 by Srinivas Krishnaswamy

Finding love is an art and science. Many of us spend a lot of time and energy in pursuit of love. Some of us end up spending money on self-help books that guarantee surefire ways to find love. But our quest to find love mostly ends up in disappointments.

Image showing a man writing to depict how men find love.

Human beings are emotional creatures and it is very difficult to predict how you will find love. Rational thoughts, hormones, and social norms play a role in all our decisions when it comes to finding love and its one hell of a roller coaster ride.

One man’s quest to find love

Somebody said, “Honesty is the best policy” and it might be true even when it comes to matters of the heart. At the end of the day, being genuine and honest is probably the easiest strategy to find love. Here is a true story.

In response to a question in Quora, Raghu Vamshee shared his story on how he got married. He first met a girl through his family and the meeting did not go well and the proposal was rejected by the girl citing horoscope mismatch.

As luck would have it, our friend happens to be an avid blogger and he wrote a blog post titled “My answer for why you should marry me“. Here are some extracts from his post.

“I am average/a bit better than an average looking guy. Be safe that there is no girl who has a huge crush on me and I wouldn’t cheat on you. If not for my ethics, my looks also might not favor me 🙂 and, not bad either (in case you stop reading !!!).

My family or I are not looking for dowry. My dad too married without a rupee of dowry (Relevant.India.).

I am a good cook. Will cook all that a normal housewife would cook. So, not depending on your cooking skills and flexible to eat whatever you cook with a grain of salt and love!

You needn’t do the household chores. A maid is already employed who does all that. You were most likely brought up like a princess and now will live the life of a Queen. #IAssure

I am a very good listener. Will listen to all that you say. Your neighbours’ friend’s puppy to your childhood crush, to your grandfather’s old transistor to anything. Your talk makes you even cuter.

It’s a rule that you should NOT sacrifice your dreams/vision/passion. Will always support you in all your endeavor. Free to study further/work as long as you want/take off and pursue your interests like music/teaching/acting/guitar… basically, live the life that you want to.

I am witty. Will make you smile even at your aunt’s funeral.

Extremely caring. My mom and my ex are proofs (Reference will be provided). 😉

You are what you are. You will retain your identity.

This is just a comprehensive list and points were compiled over a few years. True to the best of my knowledge and typed it without the influence of alcohol.

This will be archived and a huge print out taken and hung on a wall. Will promise to live by these. Are you searching for me???? 🙂 :-)”

As fate would have it, Raghu met the same girl again in a social setting and the two started talking again. The girl then happened to read his blog post as well and that probably sealed the deal! Moral of the story, being honest is a great way to find love.

For those who are not bloggers, God has given us Jodi Logik. Sign up with Jodi Logik to create a stunning matrimony profile that will make people fall in love with you. Prepare to amaze.

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Image of a pup_Jodi Logik_Dog Lovers
October 27th, 2015 by Srinivas Krishnaswamy

Image of Rottweiler for Dog Lovers

Instagram is for dog lovers

Are you a dog lover? And do you have a special soft corner for cute puppies of all kinds? Are you already wagging your tail and nodding your head or shouting a loud YES? Look no further than Instagram. We have lined up the 10 most cutest Instagram accounts especially for dog lovers of all kinds 🙂

Husky Pics

Images of Huskies for Dog Lovers

This is the go-to place for all things Husky. Huskies are energetic and playful dogs with a thick fur coat. Their colorful eyes will grab your attention even if you are a cat lover!


Baby Animal Pictures for Dog Lovers

This is arguably the chweetest Instagram account. You will find babies of all varieties and not just dogs. If you are a dog lover, check out the cute and cuddly pups from diverse breeds here.


Image of Westies for Dog Lovers

The West Highland White Terrier, commonly known as the Westie, shares its origin with Sean Connery! In other words, Westies are from Scotland. This Instagram account is all about Westies and their playful antics.


Dog lovers

One of the most popular breeds in India, German Shepherds are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and commanding presence. You will find the cutest German Shepherd pups here in addition to adult dogs.

Remix The Dog

Image of a dog wearing fashionable clothes for Dog Lovers

What happens when your dog has more fashion sense than you? Well, look no further. In this Instagram page, you will find a Miniature Schnauzer with a swagger that should motivate all dog lovers that lack fashion sensibilities.

Cute Pet Club

Image of cute pets for Dog Lovers

When you take a big bowl of cuteness, and then distill it a dozen times so that only the cutest pups remain, you get this Instagram account. We bet every dog lover will keep coming back for more. But be warned, there are cuties of other kinds as well.


Image of puppies for Dog Lovers

The name says it all. This is place is only for dog lovers, pure and unadulterated cuteness in the form of puppies from diverse breeds.

Boxers of Instagram

Image of Boxer dogs for Dog Lovers

Boxers have a strong following the world over. Known for their love of children, Boxers can light up the day for their owners through their playfulness and energetic behavior. This Instagram account has plenty of cute Boxer pups that you can drool over!

Puppies For All

Image of puppies for Dog Lovers

Have you seen a kid in a candy store? That’s exactly the same feeling dog lovers will have when they start browsing through this Instagram account.

Halloween Dogs

Images of dogs dressed in Halloween costumes

It’s almost Halloween this year and in time for this spooky season, we have the spookiest yet cutest dogs dressed in scary Halloween costumes!

Let us know which Instagram account from this list is your favorite. True dog lovers always like and share. BTW, did you know Jodi Logik lets you showcase your love for dogs?

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Instagram accounts for cat lovers

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October 14th, 2015 by Srinivas Krishnaswamy

The marriage business is big business in India. Back in 2013, Conde Nast valued the Indian wedding industry at $38 Billion! According to Conde Nast, the average Indian spends one-fifth of the wealth accumulated in his/her lifetime on a son or daughter’s wedding, second only to the investment made in the family home. The wedding invitation card is just the tip of the iceberg as far as wedding expenses go. This is the first major spend that kicks off an orgy of expenditure for the girl’s family! Boat loads of money and creativity are coming together to create outstanding wedding invitation cards! But it wasn’t this way before. Let’s look at the history of wedding invitation cards in India.

Arundhati Virmani is a historian at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Marseille, France and teaches at the Centre Norbert Elias. She has a Ph.D. from the Sorbonne Paris-I and worked as Reader in the History Department, Delhi University, and at the University of Bordeaux III. In one of her speeches, Dr. Virmani had the following points to say about the evolution of wedding invitation cards in India. We have compiled her speech for your benefit.

Thank the British Raj for your wedding invitation cards

The culture of sending our marriage invitation cards in India shaped up only on the 19th century and this idea was borrowed from the British. The idea of printing wedding invitation cards was enthusiastically adopted by the Indian royalty, merchants and landlords of that time, eager to share colonial practices and etiquette. Wedding cards in India were thus a clone of the Victorian wedding cards. Here is a wedding invitation card from 1881.

Image of Victorian Era Wedding Invitation Cards India

1950’s and 1960’s: Wedding invitation cards were dull and plain

The standard wedding invitation card had a utilitarian function back in the days. Its purpose was to tell us who was getting married when the marriage is scheduled, the location for the event and the program for the day. As it is the tradition even now, It was close relatives were invited in person by the parents of the bride and groom and sweets or fruits were also given as gifts along with the invitation card. Till the 1950s, wedding cards remained simple and restrained.

Wondering why wedding invitation cards were simple those days? Apparently, the style of the invitation cards corresponded with the Indian Government’s leaning towards a socialistic society and the general aversion towards big spending habits. People were also scared of income tax raids from the income tax department!

Here is another example of a wedding invitation card for Princess Padmavati Raje of Gwalior printed in 1960. While it has a rich colour, it is very simple by today’s standards.

Image of 1960s Wedding Invitation Cards India

1980’s: When ethnic became chic

In the 1980s, the focus on wedding invitation cards seemed to be aligned with Indian ethnic designs and motifs. This trend was in tune with the Indian government’s promotion of folk art and handicrafts in a big way. Motifs and symbols used in the cards became “Indian”. There weren’t large scale modern wedding card stores to shop from. Invariably, you would have to go to a printer somewhere in the old part of your town and they offered limited customization. However, the emphasis changed from purely communicating a message about the marriage to providing a tactile and design oriented feel or style in addition to the message. Here is Dr. Virmani’s wedding card printed in the 1980s.

Image of 1980 Wedding Invitation Card in India

1990’s: The big bad world of wedding invitation cards in contemporary India

In contemporary India, wedding invitations have become bold and innovative with varying materials, printing methods, presentation and packaging styles. They are no longer confined to small paper sizes. Bigger is now considered better in this day and age where flaunting your wealth is the in thing. We have all kinds of formats – scroll, books, cards in boxes, multiple folds, and innovative shapes! There are multiple invitation cards for different functions. For example, wedding, reception, and other functions such as the Mehendi ceremony in north India.

Image of Wedding Invitation Cards - Contemporary India

The use of expensive materials like crystal and pearls have also meant that wedding cards nowadays (at the expensive ones from rich families) are not discarded! They will end up being preserved as they are valuable. In fact, Dr. Virmani predicts that wedding invitation cards will eventually be preserved and traded on eBay!

Dreaming of your wedding invitation card already? Creating a Jodi Logik profile might help you get there quickly!

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October 8th, 2015 by Srinivas Krishnaswamy

Sandhya Ramachandran, in this brilliant blog post, lists the 10 commandments of love applicable for Indians. Read on and prepare to laugh!

This is a post for Dummies; a sort of ‘101’ or listicle if you ever want to fall in love in India.


Animation showing an astrologer making a pronouncement

First steps first, better get your kundalis (or horoscopes) matched before falling in love. Else your partner’s father’s second cousin’s granddaughter will probably die of whooping cough! We don’t want that now, do we?


Animation showing a woman wanting to keep it secret.

Wrap your love as if you are packing sambhar powder between your towels before you set out to the US! Only if you are cool about marriage now, now, now, let the cat out of the bag.


Your sexuality is a matter of national importance

Unless you want the Agni 5 tested on you and your partner, stick to the opposite sex. After all, you choose who you want to love, no?


Animation showing a man and woman dancing around a tree

‘Kisi ke honth achche hain, kisi ke baal achche hain’ apply to the movies only. So stop running around trees. Choose between the honth/baal and get married already! (English translation: Don’t be so picky with your choice for the spouse and work with whatever option you have been presented with).


Image showing a father and a mother.

If you don’t, someone out there morally ‘straightening’ the society will speed dial them. Young love or old love, to quote Amitabh Bachchan from Mohabattein, we are a country of “Parampara, Pratishtha, Anushasan” (English translation: “heavy synonyms” for the word culture). So, if you want to love, or even sneeze, “Daddy se pooch lena”! (English translation: Ask Daddy).


Poster on intercaste marriage

A recently popular opinion in the country (read most politicians and activist groups) is that “all residents of India are Hindus”. Wait, does that include the ‘North Eastern immigrants’ as well?


Image showing two flowers together with the caption "Before Emraan Hashmi, this is how we kissed"

Ever seen Indian films before Emraan Hashmi walked in? A kiss was always replaced with two flowers dancing in glee or a bee sucking out the nectar. Wait a minute… these analogies are quite perverted!


Indian Culture

If you do, be ready to get married. A recent article I read stated that this Valentine’s Day, certain activists plan to put Alok Nath to shame and perform an impromptu kanyadaan (English translation: Giving away the bride during a marriage ceremony)!


Animation that depicts close up images of a man and a woman

Shhhhhh! We don’t speak the word. You may have heard about the Kamasutra being written in India. But I have my own doubts!


‘Love = Marriage’ is the new theorem about to be introduced in the science textbooks. So, honey, no one cares if you need time to settle financially, emotionally, vertically or diagonally! ‘India wants to know’ when you are getting married!

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Don’t let India dictate who you marry. Just sign up for Jodi Logik and give India the finger(s).

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animation showing an old ad for papad
October 1st, 2015 by Srinivas Krishnaswamy

The typical arranged marriage process in India begins with a basic profile match that is based on the biodata for marriage. Then comes the horoscope match. Once both the parties are satisfied, it’s on to another staged ritual where the boy and the girl meet for the first time. This is closely supervised by the family and its no different from buying a television. Everybody has a say in it. More enlightened families give the boy and the girl some alone time to talk to each other without supervision.

We are going to present a series of real life stories from boys and girls about outrageous first meetings before arranged marriage. This story was published on Quora. The story has been edited for easy reading.

About the Crazy Girl

So this is my first and only experience of having a guy and his family visit my house in the context of ‘seeing’ me as their prospective daughter-in-law. My family was contacted by this guy through a matrimonial website; he calls up (gets his whole family: uncle, aunt, mother & father) and says will come for tea but eventually stays till lunch time (so my mom prepares a huge meal for them).

I was not interested in the whole affair, but like all other girls, I was emotionally blackmailed and had to put up with the whole thing. 

Animation of a young woman saying "Well, I guess I can't hide my crazy"

She definitely sounds crazy to harbor thoughts of not being ready for marriage when her parents insist on a marriage.

IAS entrance exam put to shame

I am asked to enter the room. Everybody’s gaze is on me. The guy works in some renewable energy firm, he distributes his company’s brochure to everyone in my family! Then this happens:

Guy’s Father: “Namaste, please sit down, How are you?”
Me: “Namaste, Fine, thank you. How are you?”

Guys Father: “I am a lawyer by profession and would like to ask you a few questions”
Me: Sure. (Lawyer?)

Guy’s Father: “What do you think about Bhagat Singh?”
I am confused for a minute. Everybody is watching me intently.
Me: “Er..He was a great guy I guess..I mean I really don’t think about him much..?!”

Guy’s Father: “OK. I will make it simpler, what do you think about the movie Rang De Basanti? Do you think what happened in the movie is possible in real life? Will you do what Amir Khan did?”

Animation of a girl in a classroom sulking

Isn’t this suppose to be a meeting where his son is supposed to meet a prospective girl to marry? Or is this an IAS interview?

Guy’s Father: “What would you give first preference to: nation, family or yourself?”
Me: (Thinking) what kind of a question is this?
Me: “I liked the movie, but I don’t think that’s possible in real life.”

Guy’s Father:”I am trying to gauge your personality through this Q&A session.”

Me: (Thinking) What? Am I supposed to impress you with my answers? I am an independent girl, am I not supposed to talk to the guy myself rather than answering your crazy questions?

All this time, the guy is sitting with his face down and hands folded.

Guy’s Father: “What are your work timings? Do you have a night duty? How do you commute to work? What is the percentage of males in your office? Are you comfortable working with males?”
Seemed like one of those surveys conducted by the India Today magazine for an edition titled “Working Women in India: Constrained or Happy?”
I give him the factual answers. Most of my colleagues are males and I am super comfortable working with them. I don’t have a night duty but won’t mind one.

Then he asks: “How do you calculate 4 divided by 2?”
Me: “Isn’t it 2?”
He: “How did you calculate it?”
Now it has moved to psychometric testing, probably he’s checking if I am a retard.
Me: “Dunno..may be you find the highest common factor of the numerator and denominator or something..blah blah.”
He: “You don’t seem to be good in math, but you are good in social sciences.”

He: ” We are a very modern family, I will allow you to wear jeans and also a top. You can also keep short hair if you want” (Points towards his wife who has been ‘allowed’ to keep short hair.)

Me: Yeah, I get it. Bloody hell. What do you mean it is allowed? I know what to wear, when and where! And don’t you realize that a top HAS to be worn over jeans trouser? You don’t go around topless wearing only jeans!

The question of making papad

If you think, this interrogation has gone on way too long, wait till you read what came up next from the prospective father-in-law.

He: “Do you know how to cook? What all can you cook?”
Me: “Yes, I can cook most of the Indian dishes”

He: “Can you make a Papad?”
Me: “Er..Yes..”

animation showing an old ad for papad

He: ” There is a tradition in our family that we ask the new bride to make a papad. Go to the kitchen and show us how you make a Papad.” (in a commanding tone)

Does he actually want me to go to the kitchen and show his wife that I can make a papad? I am not even the ‘new bride’ yet.

He insists. I don’t find it funny at all. My family seems to take all of this as a joke or something, they don’t even protest. It’s not even like my boss telling me to go to the lab and show him how to pipette 100 ul.

So I go to the kitchen with the guy’s mother, I don’t even know where the papad is kept, our maid hands it over to me and start preparing it. (finding the whole thing very lame though).

Meanwhile, his mother is telling me to leave my job if I plan to get married her son and also re-think my ambition of doing a Ph.D. and is telling how she left her job after her marriage. I don’t say anything. I am just thinking about my flight back to Bangalore.

My family is not that conservative and I have been brought up in a free environment. During lunch, I serve them and after they finish their food they hand over the used plates in my hands!

Finally, I serve sweets to the whole family.The guys father says, “Why have you served only one sweet? Don’t you have more? Are you people stingy in these things?”

I keep a bowl of sweets in front of him and say,  “No. Everyone at my home is health conscious and we don’t really take a second helping of things containing a high amount of sugar and fat. But you can have the whole bowl if you don’t really care.”

It’s the prospective bridegroom’s turn to talk

Finally, I meet the guy. All he does is market himself. He works in Spain. He talks about how he got selected for this job (out of 600 people) and how he has an ‘out of the box thinking’ which helped him get through the job interview. Then he tells me about his salary and how I don’t really need to work. Their family just wants an educated daughter-in-law so that she can present herself properly. He goes on and on and doesn’t even seem to be interested in asking me anything about me.

In the end he tells me his hobbies and after a while says he likes Ricky Martin (wtf? is he living in the 90’s..I think then he probably liked George Michael too..!)

I ask about his sister, he says she has done law and is sitting at home and is married to an hotelier. He only tells about the hotelier husband of his sister (females don’t really do anything in his family it seems.)

Then he says —
“I will tell you one thing about myself. I am a pure vegetarian, I hate pubbing and clubbing. In my family, all decisions are taken by my father. I have never breached his trust. If I marry you and you go for higher studies you will have to make a lot of adjustments. Now tell me what all stuff do you like? (it didn’t sound like a question at all).”

He would have jailed me if I would have mentioned one of my likes to be a drink consisting of Old Monk + Coke.

I tell him that I am not sure about marriage as I want to go for higher studies. Then he tells me that I should go ahead for it but he also mentions how he once refused an offer from the ‘daughter of a high court judge’ because he wanted to go for higher studies and how he doesn’t have too many good offers for marriage.

So, am I from the left over ‘lot’ of the girls?

Finally, they left and it was a relief to see their backs. Since I ‘behaved’ so nicely and quietly during the meeting they sort of liked me!

And They Lived Happily Ever After

animation showing a price and his princess with a funny face waving

Obviously, I did not marry the guy. I could go through the meeting because I knew I am not going to marry him and was in a mood to play along.

Secondly, I made the papad and his mom said “This is half burnt..but it’s are a cute girl.” Cute Girl?

Anyways, the conversation that followed after that was so boring that I unwittingly ate the papad while listening to her and the Papad served to the guy’s father was prepared by our maid.

My father was out of town when this took place and my grandparents politely declined their proposal afterward.

Use the comments below to share your crazy arranged marriage stories.

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Image showing a man in business suit shouting in front of his colleagues
September 28th, 2015 by Srinivas Krishnaswamy

Jodi Logik will seek out weird questions and provide weirder answers. Steve Jobs once said, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” We have decided to stay foolish for sure. There is no chance of staying hungry with so many moms around us. This is not America!

So what’s the foolish question that we decided to take on this week?

“I am bad with my phone, will I be good with my wife?”

Here goes ur response. Wear your seat belts in case you fall off the chair unable to tolerate the silliness you are about to encounter.

Let’s first list out all possible ways you can be bad with your phone and then see what happens when you repeat the same behavior with your wife.

Drop the phone often

GIF animation showing couple dancing and the wife accidentally knocked out

You probably drop your wife often. This could be good and bad. Dropping her off for shopping is great, but dropping her when you are waltzing or dancing is bad. Dropping her from a cliff is really bad.

Drown the phone in the toilet

GIF animation showing a cellphone being flushed down the toilet.

This is bad. I don’t want to tell you that if you try this with your wife, you will probably become the most hated man on this planet.

Starving the phone by not charging

GIF animation showing low battery warning

If you keep hearing the sad noises that your phone makes when it is about to run out of juice, you probably don’t bother to provide for your wife. Why the hell did you marry?

Using gross phone accessories


Image showing man using a hamburger shaped phone stand

Yes, this behavior also counts as an abuse. You probably are way too suspicious of your wife and you try to influence how your wife dresses or always tell her to cover up!

Talking loudly on the phone in public places

Image showing a man in business suit shouting in front of his colleagues

You are probably one of those idiots that talk loudly in public places and create a nuisance. Going by your behavior, you probably also shout at your wife in public places.

And the answer is…

Animation showing Bugsbunny showing sign that says "silly isn't he" and a dog clowning around.

Tallying up the behavior clearly tells us that you will be what I call a “loser husband” and you should remain single for the good of the mankind 🙂

Do you have questions that need answers?

Image showing Uncle Sam with the caption "WE WANT YOUR QUESTIONS"

The operating policy at Jodi Logik is “No Question Left Behind“. If you have a burning question that is bothering you and causing ulcers and you cannot ask anyone about it, just ask us by using the comment feature. Then follow our blog and you will eventually get an answer!

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First night
September 24th, 2015 by Srinivas Krishnaswamy

Image showing two flowers together with the caption "Before Emraan Hashmi, this is how we kissed"

Every once in a while, Jodi Logik minions will put their busy day to day activities on hold to answer important questions that are critical to maintaining world peace and the well-being of humankind.

These questions generally remain unanswered because we are way too shy to ask them and or don’t want to get a nice spanking from our parents intent on protecting us from the evil effects of curiosity. Today, we are answering two such important questions for your benefit.

Today, we are answering two such important questions for your benefit.

1. What should I do to prepare myself for my first night?

Based on what we have seen in Indian movies that excel in depicting the first night trysts:

1. Drink a glass of milk.
2. Wait, don’t drink everything, leave some for your wife.
3. If you are hungry, eat all the fruits and sweets that your family has lovingly arranged in your room. Remember to leave some for your wife.
4. Feel like singing and dancing? This is a great time to break out into a sensuous song and dance routine.
5. Finally, when you are tired, take a couple of flowers lying on the bed and bring them close.

If you really want real life stories (we cannot guarantee if the stories are indeed genuine) of wedding night stories or first night experience, you should check out this Quora Q&A.

First Night Tips: Make sure you have uninterrupted power wherever you are spending your first night. Wondering why? Just watch this video.

This is how you should behave during your first night in the real world

If you are not a movie star, here is our best advice for preparing yourself for the first night after the wedding.

Use the opportunity to talk to your spouse and try to understand each other a little more. You must be really tired after the hectic wedding celebrations and it’s also a great idea to catch up on the lost sleep and let go of all the pre-wedding anxieties.

After all, you have your entire life to have sex! Talking about sex, people seem to wonder about sex life after marriage. Most married men will probably tell you there is no sex life after marriage and some lucky couples might declare that their sex life is fantastic!

Check out this well-written story about a newlywed bride’s apprehension going into her first night. She goes in expecting her husband to demand sex only to be pleasantly surprised by the husband’s behavior!

Here is an extract from this article:

He came and sat next to me. He asked me get comfortable and do away with these extra layers that I was embroidered with. I sensed concern but it was overridden by what my friends and relatives had fed me with. I changed and came to him. Soon I was saw my worries fading away as he rubbished all my negative thoughts. “Don’t you think arranged marriages are funny?” he asked and I smiled with a sigh of relief. Soon we were both engrossed in a conversation with fun and laughter.

2. What about sex after marriage?

We researched this topic in-depth and come up with yet another brilliant blog post titled Sex Life After Marriage In IndiaYou will be amazed at what’s in store for married couples!

Here is what we uncovered from our research.

  • How Indians view sex after marriage
  • How men and women think differently when it comes to sex
  • The impact of married life and the additional responsibilities such as work, children, and family have on our attitude towards sex.

Click here to read this interesting post.

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