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September 24th, 2015 by Srinivas Krishnaswamy

Image showing two flowers together with the caption "Before Emraan Hashmi, this is how we kissed"

Every once in a while, Jodi Logik minions will put their busy day to day activities on hold to answer important questions that are critical to maintaining world peace and the well-being of humankind.

These questions generally remain unanswered because we are way too shy to ask them and or don’t want to get a nice spanking from our parents intent on protecting us from the evil effects of curiosity. Today, we are answering two such important questions for your benefit.

Today, we are answering two such important questions for your benefit.

1. What should I do to prepare myself for my first night?

Based on what we have seen in Indian movies that excel in depicting the first night trysts:

1. Drink a glass of milk.
2. Wait, don’t drink everything, leave some for your wife.
3. If you are hungry, eat all the fruits and sweets that your family has lovingly arranged in your room. Remember to leave some for your wife.
4. Feel like singing and dancing? This is a great time to break out into a sensuous song and dance routine.
5. Finally, when you are tired, take a couple of flowers lying on the bed and bring them close.

If you really want real life stories (we cannot guarantee if the stories are indeed genuine) of wedding night stories or first night experience, you should check out this Quora Q&A.

First Night Tips: Make sure you have uninterrupted power wherever you are spending your first night. Wondering why? Just watch this video.

This is how you should behave during your first night in the real world

If you are not a movie star, here is our best advice for preparing yourself for the first night after the wedding.

Use the opportunity to talk to your spouse and try to understand each other a little more. You must be really tired after the hectic wedding celebrations and it’s also a great idea to catch up on the lost sleep and let go of all the pre-wedding anxieties.

After all, you have your entire life to have sex! Talking about sex, people seem to wonder about sex life after marriage. Most married men will probably tell you there is no sex life after marriage and some lucky couples might declare that their sex life is fantastic!

Check out this well-written story about a newlywed bride’s apprehension going into her first night. She goes in expecting her husband to demand sex only to be pleasantly surprised by the husband’s behavior!

Here is an extract from this article:

He came and sat next to me. He asked me get comfortable and do away with these extra layers that I was embroidered with. I sensed concern but it was overridden by what my friends and relatives had fed me with. I changed and came to him. Soon I was saw my worries fading away as he rubbished all my negative thoughts. “Don’t you think arranged marriages are funny?” he asked and I smiled with a sigh of relief. Soon we were both engrossed in a conversation with fun and laughter.

2. What about sex after marriage?

We researched this topic in-depth and come up with yet another brilliant blog post titled Sex Life After Marriage In IndiaYou will be amazed at what’s in store for married couples!

Here is what we uncovered from our research.

  • How Indians view sex after marriage
  • How men and women think differently when it comes to sex
  • The impact of married life and the additional responsibilities such as work, children, and family have on our attitude towards sex.

Click here to read this interesting post.

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