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Accessories for sarees
September 12th, 2016 by Srinivas Krishnaswamy

Accessories for sarees

Accessories for sarees can improve your style quotient

Accessories for sarees have a strange effect on people.

Choosing the right set of accessories for sarees can shape the perception about the wearer! The way you drape your saree and the accessories you choose can make you either a paragon of virtue or a whore!

Studio Kohl’s “Unfolding the Saree” beautifully illustrates this concept through graphic design and printed material. You can read all about the Madonna / Whore phenomenon here.

The success of wearing a saree boils down to attention to detail, a bit of know-how and adherence to etiquette. The wearer will come across as intelligent!

Not only must a woman learn how to wear a saree properly, but she must know how to accessorize the garment appropriately.

For the uninitiated, the saree is an unstitched garment usually of cotton or silk elaborately draped around the body, traditionally worn by women in South Asia. It is typically wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder, baring the midriff.

Choosing the right accessories can improve the wearer’s style quotient!

Here are some compelling reasons why you should start paying attention to the accessories you wear along with your saree:

1. Choosing accessories based on the occasion

accessories for sarees

Via Desiroyale.com, Nallucollection.com

There are lots of Indian saree accessories to choose from. When you put in the effort to wear the right kind of saree and accessories for the right occasion, you will manage to pull off one of the following – you will be the center of attention or you will blend with the crowd.

But if you disregard the context or the occasion, you will draw unnecessary attention when you are better off blending in and vice versa!

2. A smart woman pays attention to detail!

Accessories for sarees

Via Desiroyale Stylist Picks

The devil is in the detail and people always appreciate anyone who pays attention to details. When you choose accessories for a saree, focus on the small things like the bindi, the color of the nail polish, or the choice of bangles. After all, small things add up and accessories have a disproportionate effect on the style quotient when you wear a saree.

Check out additional style recommendations from Desiroyale’s here.

3. Getting all the right colors together pays

Accessories for sarees

Pick a color, skip one and pick the next one. The two colors you picked are analog colors.

Choosing the right colors can make or break your style. An expensive set of bangles may ruin your style quotient if it is not of the right color that works with your saree and other accessories. It is important we steal some ideas from nature!

According to the attire club, “analog colors are those colors which lie on either side of any given color (in a color wheel). Often these are color schemes found in nature. An outfit that makes use of analogous colors usually feels harmonious.

Indian women often walk straight into fashion disasters!

If you are sloppy with your accessories, you can easily ruin the elegance of your designer saree. Here are some examples of how not to choose accessories for sarees.

1. Wrong footwear

Accessories for sarees

Via Southindiafashion.com

Wearing wedges, casual platform heels, ballerina flats or flip-flops is a big no-no, since they ruin the overall look of the saree. Stilletos and peep-toes help enhance the attire and make you look slimmer and taller.

Check out our essential list of 21 bridal blouse designs before you buy your accessories! Click here to get the scoop.

3. Wearing heavy jewelry

Accessories for sarees

Via Bollywoodshaadis.com

A saree is never complete without some jewelry. But it is important to make sure it is not overdone. Too much of mismatched, loud or colorful jewelry can ruin the look of the saree and make you look gaudy. The trick is to keep it simple and minimal so that the beauty of the saree is enhanced with one statement piece of jewelry. It also helps you to look younger!

A word of advice! Heavy necklaces don’t suit women with fat on their neck and collar bone.

3. Carrying the wrong bag

Accessories for sarees

Via Southindiafashion.com and Desiroyale.com

It is important to make sure that your handbag is given due consideration so that overall style quotient is not ruined. Clutches and potli bags go best with sarees as compared to huge bags if you are attending a party.

4. Misfit blouse

Accessories for sarees

Via Southindiafashion.com

The beauty of a saree is attributed to the blouse it is paired up with! A loose blouse makes you look old fashioned and sloppy while a tight blouse reveals the back’s fat and makes you look undefined and unstructured!

Blouses should be made with delicacy and skill to truly enhance your beauty. Make sure you get your blouse stitched to perfection – not too loose or not too tight.

Just remember to wear the right bra while taking measurements for a blouse, so that it does not pop out over the shoulders or at the back!

5. Choosing the wrong petticoat

Accessories for sarees

Via Southindiafashion.com

Just as a badly done blouse can ruin a saree, so can the colored petticoat! A brightly colored petticoat being too visible ruins the saree’s beauty. Also, see to it that the fabric and fitting of the petticoat are perfect so that it does not play spoilsport!

Too long or too short petticoats should be avoided, and so are flared petticoats, since they make you look shapeless. Loose petticoats can create folds that can ruin the look of your saree and if it is loose over the waist, it gets heaped up which makes the waist look fat!

If your petticoat is too narrow, it makes you very uncomfortable and you may end up walking like a duck! Take care to wear a petticoat of floor length, if you opt to wear high heels and a sheer saree.

Tips and tricks for choosing accessories for sarees!

We have lined up 8 simple tips and tricks to answer the million dollar questions – how to choose accessories for sarees?

Accessories for sarees

Occasion, color, patterns, body type, complexion

The key in choosing accessories for sarees is not only to coordinate with the colors, but also with the pattern, your body type, complexion, and occasion.

For example, when you are wearing sarees with lots of patterns, simple accessories are the best. Too many accessories and too much jewelry can make the prints look tacky!


Matching accessories to body types

When you wear sarees, you need to consider your body type before choosing the right accessories. That’s because sarees accentuate your curves a lot more than other attires.

Tall, thin women look best with short, slouchy bags like hobos and clutches.

Petite women should avoid oversize bags since they overwhelm their small frames.

Short women should steer clear of handbags with long straps. Plus-size and hourglass-shaped women look best with medium-sized bags.

Plus-size and hourglass-shaped women look best with medium-sized boxy or structured handbags to balance out their curves.


Shape of your face

Women with round faces should not choose heavy jewelry. Small earrings would give the illusion of an oval look (which is always desirable) whereas long earrings would make your face more round. And when you wear heavy jewelry, a saree with limited or simple patterns always work.

When you wear heavy jewelry, a saree with limited or simple patterns always work.

If you are wearing a saree with a colorful border, it is advisable to wear a long chain so that the pendant steers clear of the border design on the saree.

Interested in simple hacks to glamorize your saree attire? Check out this informative video.


Bindis that work for you

For long faces, a round bindi will look good. If you have a square or round face, go for a long bindi. The choice of bindi also depends on the look you are aiming for.

A fancy shimmery or stone-studded bindi gives you a mature look and is perfect for silk sarees while a plain, small bindi gives you a cute, girlish look and is best for daily wear sarees.

Luckily for women, the color of the bindi need not always match the saree!


Complexion, sarees, and accessories

All accessories should complement the saree which in turn complements the skin color.

For fair complexioned women, white, off-white, peach, or yellow colored sarees are the best options.

For dark or dusky women, sarees in a dark color like dark pink, dark purple, maroon or green suits them best.


What jewelry to wear with saree?

Jewelry should be worn according to the occasion and look of the saree.

Plain cotton sarees look best with simple studs, or a light dangling earring, a thin gold chain and a couple of gold bangles to complete the look.

A saree with silver zari looks best with silver or diamond jewelry while a saree with gold work teams up well with gold jewelry.

Kundan jewelry matches up well with chiffon sarees and temple jewelry suits silk sarees. South Indian coin jewelry works well with designer sarees. Gold plated jewelry will match all your traditional sarees.

Jewelry with a combination of traditional and western designs is best suited for a faux georgette saree.

Check out this short video that has a treasure trove of tips to fill your wardrobe with the right clothes and accessories.


Saree accessories for parties or wedding

For parties or weddings, the best accessories would be an embroidered bag embellished with sequins, threadwork or beads, chandelier earrings, choker necklace, a large cocktail ring, bangles, hip chain (kamarbandh) and anklets.

The kamarbandh works best if you are attending a wedding. It is recommended that you drape your saree on your lower hip when wearing a kamarbandh. However, the kamarbandh doesn’t look good if you have a broad waist.


Saree accessories for work-day

For work-day occasions, simple accessories like delicate jewelry (subtle earrings, thin bracelet, long sleek chains with small pendants), classic watch, large satchel or shoulder bag and open-toe heels or chappals work best. This will accentuate your looks and make you look younger!

Read our comprehensive guide on the 5 types of Indian Wedding Sarees, how they are made, where to buy them, and how to keep them in pristine condition. Click here to read our article.

3-step guide to choosing your accessories for sarees

If all of this advice is too much for you to consider, we have come up with a simple, 3-step process to find a perfect set of accessories for sarees.

Step 1: Choose the right saree for the occasion. If you are planning on attending a wedding, a silk saree might be the best bet. For example, accessories for silk sarees may not work very well with other types of sarees or outfits.

Accessories for sarees

Step 2: Select the right sarees based on your complexion. Your choice of sarees should ideally serve as a contrast to your complexion and not become a camouflage! If you have a wheatish complexion, pick colors from the opposite ends of the color spectrum, i.e., light colors or dark colors. Avoid picking mustard or olive colored sarees!

Accessories for sarees

Step 3: Now that you have the right saree, it’s time to pick the right set of accessories. Choosing the accessories based on your body type will certainly make you a smart woman with an understated sophistication that will turn heads.accessories for sarees

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Personal Grooming Tips
June 20th, 2016 by Srinivas Krishnaswamy
Personal Grooming Tips

Most Indian men leave their personal grooming to their barber.

Why do Indian men need personal grooming tips?

Indian men desperately need personal grooming tips! Just look around and you will see why we are crying hoarse about the need for Indian men to start taking personal grooming seriously and not leave everything to their favorite barber.

Indian men are sloppy when it comes to personal grooming. Here is why we are crying murder!

Men have hair growing out of their ears!

Personal Grooming Tips

Anthony Victor holds the word record for the longest ear hair (Via Guinness World Records).

Bad hair styles

Personal Grooming Tips

No deodorant in sweltering summer?

Personal Grooming Tips

Sweltering heat and no deodorant is a bad combination.

Sloppily tucking in shirts

Personal Grooming Tips

Muffin top tuck with an ill-fitting shirt (Via Hughandcrye.com)

Runaway facial hair

Actor Naga in Pisasu, a Tamil movie (Via Moviegallerie.net).

Actor Naga in Pisasu, a Tamil movie (Via Moviegallerie.net).

We thought the best way to get you up to speed on grooming tips is to line up videos with how to instructions. That’s why every piece of advice we chose to include in this blog post comes with its own video tutorial! Just remember this before you dismiss our grooming tips:

Clothes and manners do not make the man. But when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance. Arthur Ashe, Tennis Legend.

Gentleman, we rest our case now. If you are someone who needs help with personal grooming or you know someone who needs help, read the 11 personal grooming tips that will not only make heads turn but also make you feel like a million Dollars!

1. Yes, you should have a skin routine!

Indian men have only one routine when it comes to skin. Grab the nearest soap in the bathroom and apply it all over the body, rinse and walk away! The skin happens to be the largest organ in the human body and yet, men seem to ignore it. So we decided to give you a demo of how to take care of your skin. Here it goes.

2. Hairstyles that work!

Don’t just walk into a barber shop and utter words like “medium” or “short”. There is more to your hairstyle than what your barber thinks it should be. Check out this video on some of the things you should do to find a hairstyle that suits you and works for you.

3. So does your wardrobe pass the muster?

Did you ever think of your wardrobe? Do you just wear what your parents buy or let your wife or girlfriend pick and choose your clothes? It’s time to change now. Learn 5 simple and effective fashion tips to get back your swagger.

4. Start investing in belts!

Indian men have one trick up their sleeves when it comes to the belt. Just buy one of these belts that allow you to flip the buckle to switch between the brown side and the black side! Hell, we even get the belt punched with a knife or a compass! That’s not all, just look around and you will see men wearing belts that wrapping their waist like an anaconda. Learn the basics of wearing a proper belt in this video.

5. Picking the right shoes

Do you know the difference between a loafer, sneaker, and a sports shoe? Most often than not, a majority of Indian men have a pair of shoes or two and they just wear it for any and every occasion. Here is a video that lists all the different types of shoes every man should own.

6. The fight against underarm perspiration

the products mentioned in this video many not be available in India. However, the simple routine that should help you avoid sweaty armpit rings on a hot Indian summer day is our tried and tested “banian”. Just don’t wear a shirt or even t-shirt without them! That’s not all, start shopping for antiperspirant deodorants as well.

7. Taking care of your nails

If you have studied in a convent school, you would have probably learnt the importance of maintaining your nails properly. Alas, most Indian men are oblivious to this basic grooming requirement. Even people handling food in restaurants seem to have dirty nails! Here are five simple personal grooming tips to keep your nails in top condition.

8. Facial hair – to have or not to have?

Do you sport a Kajol style unibrow? Do you fancy a stubble? This video provides an in-depth take on what is OK and what is not OK. That’s not all. Have you ever considered the hair that seems to peep out of your nostrils? Just imagine you are tall and the woman you meet is shorter than you. You might as well tell her to talk to your nostril hair! BTW, unibrow is no longer sexy. Buy a tweezer and get rid of them!

9. The 100 Watt killer smile

If you are longing for a killer smile, you will probably need white teeth. Indians eat a lot of spicy, oily food that can easily stain your teeth and over a period of time, you will have to start wearing yellow shirts to match your teeth. So get yourself a proper toothbrush, use a mouthwash, clean your tongue daily, eat raw fruits and nuts and use a whitening toothpaste to get the job done. Don’t ruin your handsome smile and follow simple tips provided in this video to get back your white teeth.

10. Tuck in your shirt properly

If there is one issue that’s plaguing Indian men, it is that most of them seem to be wearing the wrong shirt size and their shirts are never properly tucked in. Let’s put an end to this madness by checking out this step by step demonstration of how to tuck in your shirt properly.

11. The science of maintaining your chest hair

Indian men with chest hair seem to have yet another problem. They have a habit of leaving it to grow in all directions creating a lot of distraction for anyone interacting with them! In this video, learn about the personal grooming tips to keep your chest hair in control and turn it from ugly to sexy!

We hope these personal grooming tips will make a man out of you. Interestingly, the male grooming market in India is growing fast and is worth about INR 5000 crores this year. Men in large cities have now started to use specialised grooming products.

Neilsen concludes that Indian men don’t typically use grooming products only to increase their appeal to the opposite sex. Rather, most men said they felt the need to improve themselves—evolve their personal hygiene. Good grooming, they believe, is conducive to boosting self-confidence.

Should we say more?

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Marrying a musician
January 20th, 2016 by Srinivas Krishnaswamy

Makeup tips for wheatish complexion

Makeup Tips for Wheatish Complexion

Makeup tips for wheatish complexion seem to be a popular topic in India. We investigated this a little more as there is no such word (‘wheatish complexion’) in the English dictionary.

When we look around, Indians do have a complexion that varies between fair to dark colored. What is interesting is when you are fair or dark skinned, it’s easy to figure out the right makeup techniques. But the problem comes up when you have different shades of dark or fair as most Indians seem to have.

If you were to go to a wedding or observe actresses or even actors in television or movies, you would see people whose face looks like it has been dipped in a vat of whitewash. The same applies to the bridegroom and some male guests (some movie actors) as well.

So what is a wheatish complexion?

According to this response on Quora,

A wheatish skin tone is generally referred to as less than fair, quite brownish you can say, but not dark.

According to Wheatish Complexion (there is even a website for it!),

The use of the word, “wheatish” (although derived from the word: WHEAT meaning grain) here is to represent a very particular and desirable shade of skin color that is not exactly brown and not nearly pearly white.

Here is a snippet from the Hindu,

Going through the matrimonial columns, one would get the impression that Indians are extremely fond of wheat — for most people are looking for a partner who has a ‘wheatish’ complexion. What they mean by this is that they are looking for someone who is somewhat light skinned; someone who isn’t very dark. ‘Wheatish’ is an Indianism; native speakers of English do not use it. The few dictionaries that include ‘wheatish’ define it as a word used in India to mean ‘light brown’.

Still confused about wheatish? Here is an image that will make things very clear for you.

Makeup tips for wheatish complexion

If you are someone that has a wheatish complexion, our 14 makeup tips for wheatish complexion will certainly help you look great and feel like a Million Dollars.

14 Makeup Tips for Wheatish Complexion

Our makeup tips for wheatish complexion includes expert tips and how-to videos that you can follow to get that perfect look!

1. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing: Before cleansing the face, wash your hands properly. Use a headband to keep any hair away from the face. Start the cleansing process by splashing some water on the face and neck first. Put some face cleanser on the fingers or a sponge, and use gentle upward circular motions to apply the cleanser on the face and neck. Avoid scrubbing too much, for it can stretch and irritate the skin, especially the eye area. Wash it off.

After cleansing, use a water-based toner on the skin and follow with a moisturizer suitable for your skin type which will help seal the moisture and provide nourishment to the skin.

2. Get your skin ready for makeup: Makeup primer is a base for the foundation or facial makeup that allows it to go on smoother and last longer. Formulas are available in cream, gel, and powder.

Primer preps your skin for the perfect foundation application by filling in fine lines and smoothing pores, and it also keeps your makeup looking fresh all day. Consider it the key to making your skin makeup-ready.

3. Water-based foundations work well: Maintaining a natural look is the latest trend in makeup. Unless you have extremely dry skin, the best choice for your foundation will be water-based.

Wheatish skin tones are relatively oily, and hence, cream-based foundations will look heavy and greasy on you. The foundation we will recommend is the Mac Studio Fix Liquid Foundation Shade No. NC 42.

4. Choosing the right foundation: The best way to find the perfect foundation that matches your wheatish complexion is to try three shades of foundations – one shade which is lighter than your skin tone, the second which is very close to your skin tone and the third which is a shade darker than your skin tone.

Swatch the shades, one after the other on your jaw line and see which shade matches your skin tone. Try the shade which matches your skin tone on one side of your face to see if it accurately matches the skin tone.

If you are unable to find the correct shade, buy two shades of foundation – one lighter and one closer to your skin tone. Mix both of them and use.

5. Choosing the right concealer: A concealer is much needed when dealing with discolorations, blemishes, and dark circles. Go in for a concealer that is a shade or two darker than your skin tone, depending on the coverage level.

It is best to opt for a full coverage foundation, as it minimizes the flaws to a great extent. You can use Studio Fix Fluid by Mac or Makeup Forever HD Foundation.

6. Don’t forget the neck: If you are applying a full-face foundation, make sure to blend it down your neck, as it tends to be a few shades lighter than the face. This helps in giving you an even look throughout. To blend the foundation well, use a buffing/stippling brush.

7. Using the powder brush: Dust some powder all over the face to seal the look. Make sure you tap the powder brush lightly, to remove any excess powder. The powder also matts the skin.

Do not opt for transparent powders as they are white in color and may look a little ashy on certain areas.

8. The right color for blushes: Opt for blushes in shades of corals/deep plums, that add warmth to your cheeks. These shades make your skin look radiant if you have a wheatish complexion.

9. Get that chiseled look: To get a chiseled look, contour your face using a foundation that is a few shades darker than your skin tone.

10. Using highlighter and bronzer:  Use a gold colored highlighter above the outer corner of the cheeks and below the eyes. Use a slight amount of bronzer below the cheek bone.

11. Using eyeshadows: For eye makeup, use rose-gold eyeshadow for the entire lid, and a dark brown eyeshadow on the crease line and then blend it in, using a pen/smudger brush. The eyeshadow palette is Inglot customized eyeshadow palette.

12. Use the right eyeliner: For that perfect contouring, use eyeliners in shades of green, blue and brown. Avoid anything in neon color.

13. False eyelashes: Make sure you wear false eyelashes to enhance your eye makeup.

14. Choosing the lipstick: For the lips, use shades of purple, like berry, burgundy, plums or wine. A good lipstick is NARS Charlotte Oxblood shade lipstick.

If you are opting for bright or neon shades of lipstick, then pair the lipstick with a darker shade of lip pencil. Line the lips with the pencil and fill in the color as a base for the lipstick. This helps the lipstick to stay longer and prevents it from feathering.

Makeup tips for wheatish complexion – Dos and Dont’s

1. Although wheatish complexion looks great, it tends to appear washed out and patchy if not taken care of. So, do not skip the daily cleansing and moisturizing routine.

2. Remember to exfoliate regularly to achieve an even-toned complexion, to give a smooth finish to your makeup.

3. Before applying makeup, remember to wash your face with an exfoliating face wash that is suitable for daily use.

4. While buying foundation, check the tester on your forehead or jawline, rather than your wrist, to get a clearer idea!

5. Use lots of mascara to make your eyes stand out.

6. Going overboard with the bronzer can take your look from tanned to charred.

7. Stay away from brown, maroon, brick or mahogany lipsticks, as these colors can make your face look darker and pale.

8. Lastly, remember that it all comes together if you are confident in your own skin. Looking like a star is what we all aim for, and it is not too difficult then.

Did you love our makeup tips for wheatish complexion? Please add your comments below.

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