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Resume for marriage

Your resume for marriage is not a job resume!

At Jodi Logik, we truly believe in the idea that every arranged marriage starts with resume for marriage! We understand this may be a stretch when it comes to the idea of love at first sight or the type of love our movies end up showing. But not all of us are destined to fall in love. For those that need a little help, creating a great resume for marriage purpose is a necessary first step in getting the ball rolling.

When you look around on the internet, there is not much of a help in this regard. What is being brandished as biodata format for marriage is actually a modified resume that people use to apply for a job! We believe your resume for marriage should give you a head start in your quest to get married and should truly reflect your personality in addition to hard facts.

We have listed 8 key insights from a 2014 study titled “An evidence-based approach to an ancient pursuit: a systematic review on converting online contact into a first date” that will help you create a resume for a marriage proposal in the context of Indian culture and expectations.

1. The Rajesh Khanna effect

Biodata for marriage
We are not joking!

Before you take your profile photo, log onto as many matrimony sites as possible and shortlist the profile photos that you consider attractive.

Now look for cues from these photos such as dress, the quantum of makeup, hair style, the extent of your smile, photo dimensions, the background to name a few.

Try replicating these elements into your photograph.

A study found that a slight tilt of the head and a genuine smile makes your biodata for marriage more attractive! Ever thought of why Rajesh Khanna tilted his head and smiled?

Matrimonial profile photographBONUS TIPS! Read our in-depth article on taking an attractive matrimonial profile photograph. This article has video demonstrations and expert advice you wouldn’t want to miss. Click here to read the article.

2. It’s all about the headline

Biodata for marriage
Write a catchy headline for your resume for marriage.

If you are wondering what a headline is supposed to mean, it’s not actually complicated. When you create your resume for marriage, instead of just writing a couple of paragraphs about yourself, try also including a headline that summarises who you are.

Here are a couple of examples – Adventurous and Active Professional, Dancer who Loves to Cook.

The whole point of writing a proper headline for your biodata for marriage is to make the reader stop and read more about you and thereby see your profile photo for a longer duration!

Isn’t this a clever idea?

3. Video helps soup up your resume for marriage

Biodata for marriage created using Jodi Logik
Video enhances your resume for marriage

The study reports that a video clip enhances the chances of a positive response to your online profile. While you may actually struggle to find any matrimony site that allows you to upload videos, Jodi Logik solved this issue by automatically creating a video of your profile with a great background tune that will show you in a positive light and prompt immediate action from the viewer.

4. The question of group photos

Biodata for marriage
Be careful when using group photos in your resume for marriage.

If you go just by what the researchers have identified, group photos should be included and can positively impact the chances of getting a response for your online biodata for marriage.

According to researchers,

Women find a man more attractive when they see other women smiling at him. Capitalising on the centre-stage effect by selecting photos where you are in the middle creates a sense of importance. This can be further enhanced in group photos where you are shown touching another person (confining this to the upper arm to be socially acceptable). This is because a tougher is perceived to be of higher status than the one touched.

We are not totally convinced about the applicability of this finding in the Indian context and our own non-scientific verdict is to stay clear of group photos in your online biodata for marriage.

5. The Golden Ratio for profile description

The study has found that there is a 70:30 rule when it comes to profile description. With 70% of your profile description should be about yourself and the rest 30% should be about who you are looking for. Apparently, profile descriptions that followed this principle attracted more responses.

At Jodi Logik, we wanted to give you the freedom to express everything about your personality as well as describe everything you have in mind when it comes to your expectations. We embraced this strategy as we felt applying principles of dating blindly in the Indian context will not serve the purpose for our customers.

6. Stereotypes are hard to erase

Biodata for marriage
Stereotypes do exist.

If you are a woman and your resume for marriage showcases your weightlifting exploits or your profession is predominantly a male-oriented domain, you might be breaking stereotypes but your chances of getting a response from a prospective bridegroom are limited.

It seems, no matter what we proclaim about modern outlook and thoughts, stereotypes continue to exist and will play a key role in helping us decide if we want to respond to a profile or not.

Similarly, men that showcase their kindness or helping nature tend to lose out to men that project themselves to be brave, courageous and have the willingness to take risks!

7. Differentiating your profile helps

Biodata for marriage
Put in some effort to stand out with your profile description.

When people are looking to shortlist potential online profiles, they tend to look for what makes a profile different from other profiles they have seen.

In order to help make your profile stand out, we decided to offer unique customization features such as applying themes and letting you identify yourself with inspiring personalities.

Researchers also found that humorous profile descriptions helped differentiate your profile and generally had a positive response.

8. Spelling and Grammar

Biodata for marriage
Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes in your resume for marriage.

Incorrect spelling and grammar can hurt your chances in two ways. Your credibility is called into question if your resume for marriage has numerous typos and grammar errors. It is even more embarrassing if you have majored in English literature and you have a dozen spelling mistakes.

The second drawback is your profile may be showcased in blog posts like these to show you how not to write your resume for marriage. One way of overcoming the issues with grammar is to use spell checks tools like Grammarly that will integrate with your browser.

The other option would be to first type your profile description first in Word processing tools like Microsoft Word and use the spellcheck feature to make the necessary corrections before using the content in your online resume for marriage.

Put the above 8 principles to practice to create a resume for marriage format that will actually turn heads and gets you noticed by the right people. We have attempted to use some of these principles listed above when we designed Jodi Logik.

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