About Myself For Marriage Biodata: Do’s and Don’ts


About myself for marriage biodata

About myself for marriage biodata

Writing “about myself for marriage biodata” is a challenging task. When we spoke to people about creating matrimony profiles or biodata for marriage, a lot of our respondents felt that coming up with something clever for “about myself for marriage biodata” was the most difficult thing to do. However, this is the first thing you will probably take up when creating your biodata for marriage is to write about yourself. People are either clueless or they get carried away by what they see others do. The outcome is sometimes comical!

Since getting our hands on marriage biodata is difficult, we decided to review matrimony profiles in a popular matrimony site to identify do’s and don’ts when writing “about myself for marriage biodata”.

Avoid doing this when writing about yourself

1. Avoid Contradictions: Talk about yourself first and not about your work. Also, make up your mind when it comes to how traditional or modern you are. Remember, we are all modern in terms of the tools we use such as the Internet, smartphones, television, to name a few. Doing what everybody does in this day and age doesn’t make you modern! Taking a contradictory stance in the same sentence as you see below only confuses prospective matches. In the below example, you have very little information about the person other than a contradictory statement!

about myself for marriage biodata

2. Actually, say something about yourself: Use the “About myself” section to actually say something meaningful to help a prospective match understand who you are. Here is a sample description that doesn’t say anything about the person! It just says, the person is working for an IT company and has a brother and sister! Good luck getting responses.about myself for marriage biodata

3. Grammar mistakes: Spelling and grammar mistakes can convey the wrong impression about your personality. You probably don’t care about anything, you did not receive a proper education, and you are probably addicted to Twitter and Facebook where grammar dies a natural death. Here is an example of “about myself” that reads like a jumbled puzzle.about myself for marriage biodata

Matrimonial profile photograph4. Don’t let family hijack your biodata: The below example shows an “about myself” description created by a sibling. It appears the sibling was seeking revenge on her and decided to write only about her family and where she works in the “about myself” section.

about myself for arranged marriage

Here is another example of a hijacked profile description. Prospective matches will probably wonder if this woman lives in a cage listening to music, reading children’s book (she is still innocent), and probably being fed via a tube as she is too delicate.

about myself for marriage biodata

Do this when writing about yourself for marriage biodata

1. Showcase your personality: Take the time and effort to showcase your personality in the ‘about myself’ section of your biodata or matrimony profile. Here is a good example of someone who went the extra mile in making sure whoever reads her profile gets a complete picture of her personality, likes, and dislikes.

about myself for marriage biodata

2. The art of creating interest: If you can provide just enough information about yourself and at the same time give a glimpse of your personality, you will probably have a lot of people wanting to know more about you. The trick here is to avoid being superficial without having to write an essay! Here is a great example of one such profile description.

about myself for marriage biodata

3. Be casual: It’s OK to take a casual tone when writing about yourself in your biodata for matrimony profile. Casual doesn’t mean poor grammar or an incomplete sentence. Not taking yourself seriously and expressing your real likes and dislikes without sounding aggressive will attract the right set of people. Here is a great example of the casual approach to writing about yourself.

about myself for marriage biodata

Easy Biodata Formats
3 Easy Biodata Templates available for Print or Download!

4. Your parents can also create a great profile: Here is an example of how a father did a wonderful job in creating a compelling profile for his daughter. He wrote what he had to say, but chose to let his daughter do all the talking to describe her personality. In summary, parents should include an “In my son/daughter’s own words” section if they are creating a biodata or profile on their children’s behalf.
about myself for marriage biodata

5. Who said siblings are bad? We saw earlier how siblings can completely ruin your chances in attracting the right person. But, here is an example of a sibling that knows how to write a profile for the sister! The profile you see below does give a glimpse of the person’s personality and expectations without sounding cliched. At the least, a well thought out description, even if written by a sibling, should get more people to respond. if your sibling is writing about yourself for marriage biodata, please make sure you verify what is written and also make sure your sibling puts in the efforts to provide a complete and accurate picture of your personality.

about myself for marriage biodata

Marriage Biodata Template For Reference

biodata for matrimony formatHere is a marriage biodata template with a well written “about myself for marriage biodata” section along with detailed partner preference or expectations and a family background description. This sample biodata showcases the profile of a woman who is from a conservative South Indian family and is employed in the software industry.

Click here to view this marriage biodata sample and 8 others.

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