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Matrimonial Ads - Doctors only

Marrying A Doctor – 7 Facts To Help You Make Up Your Mind

Marrying a doctor? You are in for major challenges! "Don't marry a doctor" - That's probably the first advice you will get if you ask someone who is already married to a doctor! Doctors have...
Arranged marriage first meeting

The Quest For Arranged Marriage – Adventures Of A Single Woman

When we look at online discussion forums and social media, arranged marriage evokes strong reactions from both its supporters and detractors. There is a growing belief that the concept of arranged marriages has run...
How to say no to an arranged marriage proposal

15 Hilarious Matrimonial Ads That Will Leave You Dazed And Amused!

Matrimonial ads are nothing new! If you want to find India's best comics, just sign up with any matrimonial site or open up the matrimony ads in the newspaper under the Brides / Bridegrooms Wanted...
NRI Bridegroom

5 Ways To Find Out More Information About Your NRI Bridegroom

Marrying an NRI bridegroom is no longer a "hot" trend in the marriage market. However, if you have shortlisted an NRI in your marriage hunt, one of the biggest issue you will face is...
Arranged marriage first meeting

36 Arranged Marriage First Meeting Questions You Should Definitely Ask!

Arranged marriage first meeting If you are sensing arranged marriage in the air, you will probably be bracing yourself for the dreaded arranged marriage first meeting experience. Pay attention and read this post. The first thing...
Wodaabe men have a strange matchmaking ritual. The men have to impress the women to get married.

9 Matchmaking Practices – From Strange to Surprising!

Matchmaking practices are changing but... Arranged marriages are the norm in India. As most of you might have realized after watching the Bollywood movie 2 States (and even before that), marriage in India is an alliance between...