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Biodata for marriage

Do you really want an awesome biodata for marriage?

Before you read this blog post, you need to first find out if you are ready to put into practice our recommendation to create a matrimony profile description for your biodata for marriage.

Our recommendations will dramatically improve your chances of getting a response from women who may stumble upon your profile online.

Be warned, if you think that your marriage biodata will be seen only by parents of prospective matches, our recommendations may not actually work.

If you want to create just another biodata for marriage that will appeal to parents, download these templates and don’t bother to read the rest of this blog post!

Essential tools for your biodata for marriage

Biodata for marriage

Before you start following through on our recommendations, please make sure you have the following tools at your disposal. Don’t worry, all our recommendations are FREE and anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can get this done.

  1. Sign up for Jodi Logik or any other site that allows you to create a meaningful marriage biodata. We know Jodi Logik is free, but I am sure you can find other sites that can let you create a free biodata. If you just want to marry within your caste or only want to base your search on salary, the colour of the girl’s skin or horoscope match, please don’t bother to read the rest of this post. You can download a simple biodata format here.
  1. Use Chrome browser. If you don’t have a chrome browser, you can install it by downloading it for free.
  1. Install Grammarly. It’s a free tool that will point out all the spelling and grammar mistakes in your biodata for marriage. It goes beyond what Microsoft Word or your email might offer. A grammatically correct biodata for marriage automatically increases your chances of getting a response!

Purpose of profile description in your biodata for Marriage

The highlight of your Jodi Logik biodata is your profile description. In order to attract the right type of women, you need to understand what women look for in a marriage and their expectations from men. Click here to read our in-depth men’s guide to creating a marriage biodata to find out the answers.

Before you start writing your profile, you need to understand the key objectives of your profile description for your biodata for marriage.

1. Your matrimony profile description should summarise your personality accurately and do it with style. You should stand out, showcase your personality and create curiosity in the person reading your profile. This is a great way to get positive responses. Just imagine walking up the next morning to find a dozen responses or call backs?

2. Make sure people reading your profile description see a potential match or figure out quickly that you may not be the right person. You will thank us for saving you lots of unwanted “chats”, conversations, and first meetings before marriage!

3. Don’t you want to stand out from a sea of profiles written by parents or siblings who actually may not have any idea about the needs and the expectations of their children or siblings?

4. While the focus is on writing a compelling description, don’t forget your profile photograph!

Matrimony profile description

3 profile descriptions for a standout biodata for marriage!

Now that we know the purpose of creating a profile description, it’s time to look at three men that nailed it with their matrimony profile descriptions. Observe these descriptions carefully and hopefully, you will get some clues on how to make yours as good or even better!

Software Engineer with a sense of humour

Biodata for marriage for men

Originally from Hyderabad, I have been living in Chennai for over 10 years. I am 6 feet tall and moderately built. My fitness obsession helps me in keeping body fat at bay 🙂 My job as a software engineer has made me a patient man and improved my negotiation skills! My job also keeps me on my toes as I am always trying to learn new skills to keep pace with the changing technology landscape. I especially value humour, being able to laugh at yourself, being able to communicate, culture in general, social issues, staying healthy, and the freedom to think out of the box.

Why is this a winning profile?

Notice that this profile description provides a great validation for a claim made in the profile. Instead of just saying “I am humorous” and leaving it there, anybody reading this profile is bound to smile as there is an element of humour embedded in the profile. At the same time, the profile description is not silly and highlights great qualities such as willingness to learn and be patient. Why would women ignore this biodata for marriage (assuming the other aspects of the biodata are also attractive!)?

Businessman who is a world traveller

Biodata for marriage for men

I am a self-made man that has been through a lot of challenges in life. I am 5 feet and 10 inches in height and very slim. I rely on yoga to maintain a balance in my life and deal with my work pressure. I end up travelling a lot to meet my customers. I love the surprises that spring up on my travels and love meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. I believe that there is a lot to learn from this world and have a deep sense of curiosity. Reading is yet another passion that I pursue whenever I find the time. Keeping up with politics, economy, social issues and culture keep me charged up.

Why is this profile a winner?

This is a straightforward description that is to the point and elegantly describes the personality of the man. The drawback of travelling on work-life balance is expertly covered up :). Also, notice that instead of just saying broadminded or modern, the owner of the profile explains what makes him modern in thought. This type of profile description in your biodata for marriage is bound to attract career oriented women who wouldn’t mind frequent travel and probably are in the same boat.


biodata for marriageWe have created a sample marriage biodata for a young businessman who has faced challenges in his personal life. This sample profile comes under the “cosmopolitan” category as he does not believe in astrology / Kundli / horoscope. He provides an in-depth description of himself and his expectations from his future bride. The sample also has a detailed description of the family. Please remember that this is just a sample biodata for marriage and this does not belong to a real person.

Artist who is religious

Biodata for marriage for men

What started as a hobby to vent my creative energies has now become a full-time job. I am an artist that creates digital posters for movies. I am tall, dark, and, let’s say, chubby (in a good way). I am an out of the box thinker and this ability helps me in dreaming of different ways to express my thoughts through art. My friends say I am a colourful character and love to hang around with me. Contrary to perceptions, I am an artist who is also a devout Hindu! I love the rich artistic imagery and sculptures seen in Hindu temples and make it a point to visit religious places around India at least once a year to satisfy my spiritual and artistic cravings.

Why is this profile a winner?

When you read this matrimonial profile, you know exactly the kind of personality you are reading about. Someone who is artistic and at the same time reposing strong faith in religion. So if the woman reading this is traditional, religious and generally a “good girl” according to her parents, she may find this profile very different and curious. The only problem being the general preference for engineers and doctors 🙂

Use these examples of matrimony profile descriptions to attract the right type of women. Once you sign up for Jodi Logik, we will even help you create compelling profile description that truly reflects your personality.

Read the men’s guide to creating a biodata for marriage

We created an in-depth guide that will walk you through different aspects of creating a compelling marriage biodata. This guide has 7 chapters and is packed with practical tips to help you project your true personality and expectations to a prospective match.

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