5 Questions To Consider When Writing Biodata For Marriage


writing biodata for marriage

Writing biodata for marriage, like death, is inevitable

If you think you can get away from writing biodata for marriage, brace yourself for the truth.

As a single man or woman, you probably never thought of getting married or probably waiting for cupid to strike its arrow the same way your favourite hero or heroine find love in movies.

Then the inevitable starts happening. Time flies by and you are probably approaching the dreaded thirties in a few years and your parents have now declared an emergency at home to find you a suitable girl or boy!

All your stalling techniques (I am very busy at work, I am not interested in marriage, I don’t think you can find me the boy / girl of my dreams) don’t hold water anymore. If you cannot turn a deaf year to the signs screaming at you, the time has come for writing your biodata for marriage.

All of a sudden you have yet another chore to contend with! If you thought the days of figuring out what to write in your resume with zero job experience, no major academic achievement to speak of other than highlighting a few useless computer courses, are over, think again! Writing a biodata for marriage is no less painful.

Read this before writing biodata for marriage

Writing your biodata for marriage that looks exactly similar to every other marriage biodata is probably your first instinct. If you were to walk around in your neighbourhood and ask passersby what should be included when writing biodata for marriage, they will probably ask you to include items like age, date of birth, horoscope, education, salary, height, weight, religion and caste.

You will also end up writing about your expectations based on the matrimonial ads you probably come across when reading your favourite local language magazine.

Armed with this insight, you will probably end up looking for “fair girl from your caste”, or a “boy who makes over Rs.15 lakhs per year”.

In spite of the trouble you go through in writing your biodata for marriage, you will invariably create a create a marriage biodata that actually reads like a product specification and is no better than an ad for a 2 BHK apartment for sale.

Questions that will put your biodata on the right track

Just start thinking about how you will answer these five questions and if you do make an earnest attempt when answering these questions you will have with you a winning biodata for marriage that will turn heads!

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Question 1: What is the best way to describe your physical attributes?

When we look at any random biodata for marriage sample, people tend to either highlight what they consider as a positive attribute (example: being tall) or end up hiding what they consider as a negative attribute (example: big build). Embracing this strategy may get you responses but you will end up disappointing people who may then jump to a conclusion that you look nothing like what your biodata described!

The best way to describe your physical attributes is not just by listing down your height, weight, circumference, and radius. You need to think beyond your vital statistics.

Just indicate what you think is essential but spend a lot of effort in getting proper profile photographs. After all the proof of your description is in the photo. Don’t take some random photograph from your cupboard, employ a professional photographer or get it done properly with help from your family and friends.

Question 2: How should I list deal-breakers?

When writing biodata for marriage, mentioning deal breakers such as your preference for non-smoker or teetotalers can be done as a matter of fact. This is a great way to weed out people that don’t meet your basic criteria. But, there is a catch.

Ever come across matrimonial ads that say “boy with a modern outlook looking for a “homely” girl who can take care of his parents”? Your hypocrisy will shine through and even if, by chance, you get responses, you will end up confirming to the other party that you are a douchebag.

Please don’t be a hypocrite!

Question 3: How should I describe my profession?

If you think you know the answer to this question, you probably don’t.

Ever seen this description? “Girl is working for a major MNC with Rs.30 Lakhs salary and enjoy company perks.” Who wouldn’t want to marry a money-making machine?

The girl probably regretted publicising her biodata for marriage as she probably received countless responses from dudes that wanted a shot at a lifetime of vacation at the wife’s expense!

The best strategy for describing your profession when writing biodata for marriage should be to focus on what you do at work (in addition to who you work for), provide an indication of your commitment to work-life balance, and describe in a few lines your expectation in terms of the potential match’s career.

Question 4: What hobbies should I list?

This is probably the most misunderstood question in the planet when it comes to Indians.

Just look at any random job resume and you will probably see “hobbies” written somewhere at the end of the resume. These hobbies are usually “Watching TV”, “Reading”, “Travel” and other clichés. Surprisingly, a majority of the Indians seems to have the same set of hobbies!

The purpose of writing biodata for marriage is to showcase your personality and specify what you are looking for in the other person. Make sure you spend some time to think about what you truly like doing when you are not at your workplace and put in some effort to describe it. Visualise how you want to spend your days and weekends after marriage and write about your expectations in terms of your potential match’s personality.

Visualise how you want to spend your days and weekends after marriage and write about your expectations in terms of your potential match’s personality.

If you love reading books, talk about the recent book you read and what you learn from it. Connect this with your personality such as your curious nature or inquisitiveness.Mens biodata for marriage

Question 5: How to talk about divorce and other issues

First of all, going through bad relationships and separating is not a crime. It can happen to anyone. Having a physical handicap is also not something that you can control and you should not be embarrassed about it. In fact, these issues demonstrate your resolve and your ability to face life’s challenges and should be projected as such. Don’t try to write anything that will make you sound desperate.

Only in India, phrases such as “innocent divorcee” can be an acceptable phrase. You are telling anyone reading your biodata for marriage that you got married and for no fault of yours, you got divorced! This may be true, but your credibility has just taken a beating.

If you are wheelchair bound, don’t insist on marrying only a wheelchair bound person, unless you have a specific reason for it.

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